New Transfer Students

I am a transfer should I prepare and what should I expect during my first year at Fresno State?

Dog Days
All transfers are required to attend a DOG DAYS transfer orientation. This is an all-day event where students are introduced to valuable information that supports their successful transition to Fresno State. Students will also be introduced to the Liberal Studies advising staff. Upon completion of a Dog Days transfer orientation, students will be permitted to enroll in their courses.Dog Days

There are several DOG DAYS dates available to choose from. When registering, be sure to check the schedule and select the appropriate Liberal Studies date.

Degree Progress Report (DPR)
Students who have college courses they plan to transfer to Fresno State will receive an evaluation of their courses prior to or during their first semester of enrollment. The evaluation comes in the form of a report called DARS (Degree Progress Report).

It is preferred that Liberal Studies students attend a Dog Days orientation first, and then schedule an appointment with a Liberal Studies Advisor. The advisor will review the report with the student.

First-Semester Transfer Student
All new (first-semester) transfer students must visit with a Liberal Studies advisor during their first semester in order to register for classes. If not, registration will be blocked. You must see a Liberal Studies advisor in order to have the hold removed.

ASSIST is an online articulation web site that hosts the equivalencies of courses within the California public junior colleges and universities by institution, major, general education, and department according to catalog year.