Credential Programs

Liberal Studies Blended

Liberal Studies Blended students have the opportunity to begin a Multiple Subject (elementary) or Education Specialist (special education) credential program early within the bachelors degree. In order to determine if students qualify to begin the program this way, it is important to schedule an appointment with a Liberal Studies Advisor. The advisor will review all coursework to determine the best plan of action for each individual student. Some students will elect to graduate first and begin the credential program after the degree is granted.

Once it is determined if a student will begin the credential program before or after the bachelors degree, the advisor will discuss specific timelines which include filing for graduation and major approval, and detailed explanation of all credential program admission requirements as well as post baccalaureate admission.

It is important to discuss your graduation and credential plans with your advisor one year or more prior to graduation so that you have an opportunity to meet all requirements by necessary deadlines.