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The purpose of a NASA Educator Resource Center (ERC) is to help teachers learn about and use NASA's educational resources. The ERCs are located on or near NASA Field Centers, museums, colleges, or other nonprofit organizations. The ERCs provide educators with in-service and pre-service training, demonstrations, and access to NASA instructional products.

Visit the The NASA Educator Resource Center - Fresno located Place: Education Building Rooms 165Date: Saturday March 5, 2016in the Kremen School of Education and Human Development in Room 420.  For more information contact:  Otto E. Benavides (559) 278-0379 or

Workshops Offered

Date: Saturday December 10, 2016


Karen Crow-Roark, NASA Education Professional Development Specialist

Date: Saturday December 10, 2016
Place: Education Building Rooms 165
Time:   8 AM - 4 PM


Join us on the Journey to Mars workshop and learn from a NASA Specialist: 
Key Concept #1 - Mars Geology
Key Concept #2 - Technologies that Enable Mars Exploration
Key Concept #3 - Human Exploration of Mars
The workshop will include the following: 

Introduction - How far is Mars from the Earth and from the Moon? (hands-on measurement activities)

Activity 1 - Rover Racers - Students will establish communications procedures and to apply them to mission goals within constraints.

Activity 2 - Mystery Planet - Students will model scientific classification schemes through identifying criteria necessary to sort and classify materials and relate them to the geologic history of a region.

Activity 3 - Mars Bound - Students will design a mission to Mars

Activity 4 - Touchdown - Students will design and build a shock-absorbing system that will protect two "Astronauts" when they land.

Activity 5 - Marker Mars - Students will create an engineered model limited by criteria and constraints and designed to achieve the task of solving a complex problem.

Activity 6 - Mars Pathfinder Egg Drop Challenge - Students will demonstrate an understanding of the challenges that arise with soft landing a spacecraft on Mars.

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Note: Please visit this page often for workshop offerings in the spring 2017

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NASA workshop     


NASA workshop


NASA workshop