Dual-Immersion Pre-K Program

The Importance of Serving Young English Learners

Young Emergent Bilingual children need quality, early childhood education programs. Quality programs include providing children access to their home language and culture. Programs can do this by using bilingual children's books and providing natural spKids Paintingaces for children to use their first language. The use of well trained, bilingual early childhood educators provides young learners a safe space for language development. A teacher who speaks their first language builds a natural connection to the children and families. It may be difficult for some families to travel to these quality programs. In addition to quality and access to programs, teachers must be adequately trained to provide quality programs.

Research shows that early education programs make a difference in the education of all children. The dismal statistics regarding "Long Term English LKids Playingearners" should not be used as an excuse to not improve existing programs nor should these labels generalize the experience of all Emergent Bilingual Children. Labels like English Learners, Long Term or English Language Learners deny the first language and assume children are letting go of their first language and culture. Many families continue the use of the first language in the home despite not having access to bilingual programs. These are all considerations when thinking of this population in schools. 

The Multiple Subject credential program trains teacher candidates to value the first language and culture of Emergent Bilingual children. The Huggins Center offers pre-school children access to a high quality, Spanish, Dual-Language program. If you have any questions regarding the program please contact the Huggins Center.