Application Requirements

The following describes in detail the requirements to apply to the Transitional Kindergarten Certificate Program. This includes  a link to instructions on how to enroll through Continuing and Global Education (CGE) and admission to the program within the Kremen School of Education and Human Development (KSOEHD)


All documents required for program admission are to be assembled in one complete packet and submitted to the Education Student Services Center in the Education Building, ED 100.

Apply to Program


Fill out program application-

Fill in the required information, print and submit with all other required documentation in one complete packet to ED 100.  Apply to program

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Contact Program Coordinator for mandatory advising-

Contact the Program Coordinator, Dr. Susan Macy 559.278.0267 or to obtain program information and permission to begin the program. The Coordinator will provide you with an advising form and permission number once you are fully admitted.

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Obtain ID through Continuing and Global Education (CGE)- 

Registration Instructions for the New CGE Student are listed on the CGE webpage, please read carefully and complete the procedures by going to the CGE webpage by clicking here.

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Unofficial Transcripts-

Providing the program admissions office with copies of all transcripts expedites the admission process.

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Minimum GPA of 2.75-

Program applicants must have a minimum GPA of 2.75 in the last 60 semester (90 quarter) units attempted and a minimum of a 2.95 on any Post Baccalaureate work at Fresno State. Failure to provide unofficial transcripts with your program application, will delay your program admission. The GPA will be verified by technician as the transcripts are received by Graduate Admissions. (See Unofficial Transcript info above)

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Complete a Statement of Purpose-

This is a “1 to 2” page, typed statement of your purpose for applying to the program. Focus on your present situation and your short and long-term professional goals.

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Provide one (1) sealed Letter of Recommendation-

Include a letter of reference with the attached form found in the program application from an education-related souce who is in a position to evaluate you in terms of your potential for graduate study in the program. Do not send separately.

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Proof of valid California Teaching Credential

Provide a copy of your valid California Teaching Credential.

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