Master of Arts in Education,
Option in Multilingual Multicultural Education


Dr. Tony Vang,
Program Coordinator

The faculty of the Kremen School of Education and Human Development, Bilingual/EL program is committed to the belief that there is an inherent worth of learners’ diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Option in Multilingual and Multicultural Education is to provide advanced level candidates with a foundation in research, curriculum, and leadership in order to promote equity in schools serving linguistically and culturally diverse (LCD) learners.

Goals of Program:

  • Provide educators with an advanced level of inquiry, research, and professional preparation with regards to LCD learners.
  • Prepare instructional leaders who are cognizant of the challenging issues and rights faced by LCD learners in Pk-16 educational settings considering the moral, ethical, and social justice perspectives.
  • Give educators an understanding of the role of leadership within the context of global education systems as viewed and experienced by LCD communities.

Why a Masters in Multilingual Multicultural Education?

Did you know…that the California Department of Education reveals that 23.2% of California’s K-12 student population is comprised of English learners. In addition, 37.4 % of the student population in California speaks a language other than English in their homes.

The need for teachers, staff, and leaders in the education of English learners has become vital in our society. This program will prepare curriculum leaders in the field of education who are knowledgeable and effective in the areas of second language learning, culture, educational theory, and social justice.

The program provides access to sound educational research and practice in the context of the changing demographics of our public schools.

The purpose of this program is to provide an advanced course of study devoted to the critical examination of theory, practice and policy in the education of linguistically and culturally diverse (LCD) learners.

Multicultural Kids

How can a Masters help me?

A recent survey conducted by the Kremen School of Education and Human Development revealed the prevalent need to be adequately prepared to teach linguistically and culturally diverse students (LCD). This professional preparation will require an advanced degree.

Here is how you can benefit:

  • Advance your teaching skills to better assist linguistically and culturally diverse students in the classroom.
  • Gain a foundation in research, curriculum, and leadership that will assist in promoting equity in schools serving LCD learners.
  • Offers graduates specialized preparation for a wide variety of positions in educational and community settings serving LCD learners such as higher education, district level positions, social services, and as community leaders.

Cohort 1

Spring 2014

LEE281 & ERE288 or CI285

Fall 2014

LEE282 & ERE153

Spring 2015

ERE220 & LEE283

Fall 2015

LEE284 & LEE298D

 During Winter or Spring Intersession or Summer take elective courses (e.g. 280T).

 Cohort 2

Fall 2014

LEE281 & ERE288 or CI285

Spring 2015

LEE283 & ERE153

Summer 2015

ERE220 (Enroll early because this fills up.)

Fall 2015

LEE282 & LEE284

Spring 2016

LEE298 & Elective (e.g. LEE215 online – 8 week course)

 During Winter or Spring Intersession or summer take elective courses (e.g. 280T).

 Courses Required in MME are:

1.   LEE281,
2.   LEE282,
3.   LEE283,
4.   LEE284,
5.   ERE153, 6. ERE220, 7. LEE298, (These 3 research classes must be taken in this sequence.)
8.   ERE288 or CI285
9.   Elective
10. Elective

For students starting in Fall 2015 or after, to choose a sequence of courses first take the LEE281-284 during the Fall semester, then schedule the research sequence #5-8 above, then schedule the electives.

Year One

Year Two

Fall 2015

Spring 2016

Summer 2016

Fall 2016

Spring 2017

LEE 281 Critical Pedagogy for Diverse Learners
(3 units)

LEE 282
Research Topics in Second Language Acquisition
(3 units)

ERE153 Educational Statistics
(3 units) or prior to being admitted into the program (see note above)

LEE 283 Cultural Competency for Educators
(3 units)

LEE 284 Collaborative Leadership for Educational Diversity
(3 units)

CI 285
Seminar in Advanced Educational Psychology
(3 units)

(3 units)


ERE 220* Research in Education
(3 units)

*ERE 153 is a prerequisite to ERE 220 and must be taken prior to enrolling.

LEE 298D
Project in Multilingual and Multicultural Education
(1-3 units)

or ERE 288
Educational Measurement & Program Evaluation
(3 units)

(3 units)


6 units

9 units

3 units

6 units

6 units

Research sequence: ERE153, ERE220, and LEE298D have to be taken in that sequence.