On September 17, 2011, 26 DPELFS and JDPEL students, graduates, staff, friends, and family members volunteered for several hours at Fresno’s Poverello House in west Fresno. These people volunteered on behalf of the DPELFS/JDPEL Alumni Association. They assembled 1210 bagged lunches, served breakfast, and helped prepare the day’s hot lunch for the hungry and homeless of the community. It was indeed a heartwarming experience.

Thanks to all who participated and thanks to Dr. Klaus Tenbergen (DPELFS - Cohort 1) who organized the event. He says he is looking forward to organizing this volunteer opportunity twice a year.


Dr. Idia Abode (Cohort 1), Dr. Susan Tracz (Faculty), Diane Rivera-Pasillas (Staff), Dr. Klaus Tenbergen (Cohort 1), Dr. Claudia Lourido-Habib (Cohort 2), Dr. Christina Matus (Cohort 2)






2011 Graduates (in alpha order):  Nancy Akhavan, George Alvarado, Diana Banuelos, Diane Benefiel, Bridget Bousquet-Heyne, Robyn Castillo, Ann-Maura Cervantes, Shelly Conner, Carol Curtis, Osvaldo DeLuna, Christina Enquist, Taryn Harmon, Lisa Leininger, Claudia Lourido-Habib, JoDee Marcellin, Christine Montanez, Monica Nolasco, Marla Prochnow, John Quinto, Richard Santos, Matilda Soria, Adrian Varanini, Tachua Vue, Jennifer Watson, Jessica Yergat




(Jothany Blackwood is a 2010 graduate of the Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership at Fresno State.)

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Cohort 1, Spring 2010 Graduates pose with California State University Chancellor Charles Reed at the Hooding Ceremony.