Student Corner

Welcome to the DPELFS Student Corner, an online repository of information for current DPELFS students.  Refer to the Doctoral Student Guidelines for current information on program policies and procedures.  Additional information will be posted in cohort-specific organizations in Blackboard.

Web Quests now available in the following areas: literature review, statistics, academic writing, and finding funding. Please scroll down the right hand column in order to locate these useful tools.

Cohort 2-Bakersfield (admitted summer 2012)

Cohort 2-Bakersfield


Cohort 6 (admitted fall 2012)

Cohort 6

 Cohort 3 - Bakersfield (admitted summer 2013)

 Bakersfield cohort

Cohort 7 (admitted fall 2013)

Chohort 7 fall 2013