Welcome to the Department of Counselor Education and Rehabilitation!

The Department of Counselor Education and Rehabilitation offers a variety of exciting educational opportunities for postbaccalaureate students seeking professional careers in the fields of Counselor Education. All programs are fully accredited and are recognized for excellence and innovation.

Our Counselor Education program offers the Master of Science (MS) Degree in Counseling with options in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling, School Counseling and Student Affairs and College Counseling, and the Master of Science (MS) Degree in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling. We also offer the California Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) Credential for students seeking a career in school counseling.

We have earned special recognition from the Western Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (WACES) by receiving the Exemplary Program Award for outstanding innovations in providing professional preparation for counselors. The MS degree in Counseling with option in Marriage and Family Therapy is CACREP Accredited, and the MS degree in Rehabilitation Counseling is CORE Accredited.

Department Chair and Staff

Song Lee
Chair, Department of Counselor Education and Rehabilitation (CER)
Office: Education Building, Rm350
Phone: 559.278.0340
Email: malee@csufresno.edu

April Cardiel
Administrative Support Coordinator
Office: Education Building, Rm350C
Phone: 559.278.0342
Email: acardiel@csufresno.edu

Vanessa Navarro
Grant Assistant, Rehabilitation Counseling Program
Office: Education Building, Rm236
Phone: 559.278.0158
Email: vnavarro@csufresno.edu

Department Faculty

Becton, Alicia: Coordinator, Rehabilitation Counseling Program

Alicia Becton
Office: Education Building, Rm 345
Phone: 559.278.0433
Email: alicbrown@csufresno.edu

Choi, Kyoung Mi: Coordinator, SACC Counselor Education Program

Kyoung Mi Choi
Office: Education Building, Rm 465
Phone: 559.278.0070
E-mail: kchoi@csufresno.edu

Crane, Jeff

Jeff Crane
Office: Education Building, Rm 457
Phone: 559.278.0363
Email: jcrane@csufresno.edu

Garcia, Juan C.

Juan Garcia

Office: Education Building, Rm431
Phone: 559.278.0287
Email: juang@csufresno.edu

Koobatian, Steven


Office: Education Building, Rm445
Phone: (559) 278-0316
E-mail: skoobatian@csufresno.edu

Lee, Song: Department Chair

Song Lee
Office: Education Building, Rm350
Phone: 559.278.0340
Email: malee@csufresno.edu

Lucey, Christopher: Coordinator, Counselor Education Program


Associate Director, Fresno Family Counseling Center

Office: Education Building, Rm437
Phone: (559) 278-0407
Email: clucey@csufresno.edu

Pereyra, Sergio

Sergio Pereyra
Office: Education Building, Rm 451
Phone: 559.278.3341
Email: spereyra@csufresno.edu

Pitt, Jenelle

Jenelle Pitt
Office: Education Building, Rm435
Phone: 559.278.0304
Email: jepitt@csufresno.edu


Areas of Expertise:
Multiculturalism, Diversity, & Social Justice
Counselor Preparation
Organizational Behavioral Issues in State VR Agencies

Raheem, Malik

Malik Raheem
Office: Education Building, Rm349
Phone: 559.278.0326
E-mail: mraheem@csufresno.edu

Ed.D in Counselor Education and Supervision
MA in Community Counseling
BA in Psychology

Areas of Expertise:
Multicultural Issues in Counseling
Racial Microaggressions
Racial Battle Fatigue
Psychosocial Mental Health Model
Psychosocial Resilience and Protective Factors with People of African Descent
Interpersonal Relationship Issues
Racial and Ethnic Influences in Group Dynamics and Leadership
Multicultural Supervision in Counseling
Social Justice in Counseling
Intersectionality in Mental Health Counseling
Racial and Ethnic Identity Development
Intergenerational Trauma

Shaeffer, Ruth

Ruth Schaeffer

Office: Education Building, Rm350
Phone: (559) 278-0340
Email: rshaeffe@csufresno.edu

Sharma, Gitima: Coordinator, Pupil Personnel Services Program

Gitima Sharma
Office: Education Building, Rm 463
Phone: 559.278.0069
E-mail: gsharma@csufresno.edu

Ph.D., Counselor Education                                                                                                                     
The Pennsylvania State University
M.A., Counseling      
Michigan State University
M.S., Child Development    
Lady Irwin College, University of Delhi, India

Areas of Expertise:
Sense of purpose, meaning, persistence, college access, retention, and identity development among school and college students.

Smith, Dan

Office: Education Building, Rm441
Phone: 559.278.0329
E-mail: dans@csufresno.edu

EdD - University of Northern Colorado, 1977

Areas of Expertise:
Counseling Techniques
Professional Practices, Laws, and Ethics for Therapists
Field Practice Supervision

Valencia, Albert

Albert Valencia
Office: Education Building, Rm331
Phone: 559.278.0283
Email: albertv@csufresno.edu

Ed.D.   University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA
M.S.    San Jose State University, San Jose, CA
B.A     California State University, Los Angeles, CA
A.A.     Los Angeles City College, CA

Areas of Expertise:
* Intimate Partner Violence
* Multicultural Issues in Counseling
* The impact of violence on the learning and development of children
* Presence of culture in psychology
* The art and craft of mentoring
* Transnational ties and the immigrant self

Weir, Kyle

Kyle Weir
Office: Education Building, Rm433
Phone: 559.278.0169
Email: kweir@csufresno.edu