CVELI Partnerships

CLEAR Logo Center for Equity, Leadership and Research is dedicated to eliminating educational and social disparities for all students and their communities in the Central Valley.

Solution Tree Logo Solution Tree provides professional development for educational leaders.

logoPivot Learning Partners has been the catalyst for the involvement of CVELI in 17 Valley school districts.  This partnership has provided CVELI with a researched strategy to work with district leaders on eliminating the achievement gap and increasing the achievement of all students.


logoAnytime Anywhere Learning Foundation
A not for profit association whose primary purpose is to serve as an advocacy vehicle for anytime, anywhere learning.


logoAssociation of California School Administrators (ACSA)  CVELI works with ACSA in offering programs for school leaders. An academy for future superintendents is offered on campus when needed.


logoCalifornia Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley  PreK-12 Education - Implement policies and programs through public-private partnerships to ensure equal access to educational opportunities and resources for all children that will improve academic performance.


logoEducational Results Partnership  A free school improvement system for actionable data and best practices to raise student achievement and close achievement gaps.


logoFresno Compact.The purpose of the Fresno Compact is to focus community-wide efforts on preparing students for the increasing demands of society and the workplace. It provides a mechanism for mobilizing business and community support of local public schools, and acts as a clearinghouse for sharing information among school district, business, and community leaders. The Compact is the lead organization for Fresno Area Strive Project.


logoFresno County Office of Education Led by Superintendent Jim Yovino,  the Fresno County Office of Education supports strong academic programs, career technical education, and the arts as we work to create a culture rich society where the whole child is important.


logoState Center Community College District  CVELI provides training for future leaders of the State Center Community College District (SCCCD).


logoState Center Consortium  A grant funded entity of State Center Community College District and a partnership that connects school districts, colleges, and businesses to advance Career Technical Education. SCC is a major partner for the annual Exemplary Practices Conference.