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2014-2015 Conferences 

2014 Exemplary Practices in Education Leadership Conference (Held Oct. 2, 2014) [See below for handouts]

Leading English Learners to Success in the 21st Century

2-Day Workshop, featuring Dr. Nancy Akhavan, author, lecturer and presenter and Valley leaders in education

  • Dates: January 26-27, 2015
  • Location: Fresno State University (Residence Dining Hall)
  • Time:  8:00 am-3:00 pm ( Includes breakfast;  lunch on own)
  • Cost: $150 per individual
  • Registration opening soon

Kremen Showcase: CCSS Best Instructional Practices

Featuring Dr. Virginia Boris and exemplary Valley educators

  • Date: March 24, 2015
  • Location: Fresno State library (2nd floor)
  • Time: 8:30 am.-2:00 pm.
  • Registration opening soon

Previous Conferences

October 2, 2014 Exemplary Practices In Education Leadership Conference

fullanMaximizing Leadership for Systemic Change 

Dr. Michael Fullan, Keynote Speaker          




 October 2, 2014 Conference Handouts:

Michael Fullan,  Keynote Speaker

  • Fresno County's Early Stars Quality Rating Improvement System (Tamala Olsby and Isela Turner)
  • Birth through Third Grade Challenge Grant (Mary Stanley and Megan Tupper)
  • Keeping Pace with Change: A Strategic Look at Smarter Balanced Assessments (Dr.C. Greenlaw)
  • Embracing a 21st C. Culture in a Project-Based Environment (M. Niehoff, B.Nelson,D Ching, C Milliorn)
  • Maximizing PLCs to Activate Systems Change in Mathematics (H. Cloud)
  • Navigating the Path to Digital Learning (K.Madden, T. Nixon)
  • Reconnecting Our At-Risk Youth through Men's and Women's Alliances (D. Person)
  • Operating in the World of the Common Core: Formative Assessments and  Data ( J Forbes)
  • Transforming Schools: Leading and Learning, One Step at a Time (C. Wilson)
  • A Leadership Perspective: Changing the Outcome for EL Learners (N. Akhavan, R. Castillo)
  • Setting Instructional Expectations for the Common Core:  In-Depth Lesson Design, Active Student Engagement, and 21st Century Learning (E. Cederquist, S. Griffin, L.Gonzalez, G. Regier, S.Stewart, H Gutierrez


Connie KammNavigating the Common Core: Standards-Driven Instruction, Formative Assessment, Intervention and Enrichment

Dr. Connie Kamm

Dr. Connie Kamm of the Leadership and Learning Center engaged  participants in an interactive conversation around the implementation of Common Core with and emphasis on Standards driven instruction and formative assessments in the Common Core. 


DuFoursMarking Progress on the Professional Learning Communities at Work Journey: Are You Soaring or Settling?

Becky and Rick DuFour




Exemplary Practices Education Leadership Conference: Shaping 21st Century Learning  Video featuring keynote speakers: Dr. Eric Mazur, Harvard University on Interactive "Peer" Instruction

Dr. Mariale Hardiman, Johns Hopkins University on Brain-Targeted Teaching  See resources on Hardiman website. 
Conference Presentation available (Click on title) 

Conference Handouts:

Exemplary Practices Conference with Richard Elmore and Yong Zhao

Exemplary Practices Conference with Anthony Muhammad and Eugene Garcia 

 Exemplary Practices Conference 2011 with Doug Reeves

Luis Cruz ( Feb 14, 2012 ) Promoting Equitable Schools

Tom Many (Dec 15, 2011) - Assessment

Debra Pickering ( Oct 25, 2011 ) Developing Instructional Leaders - Notes/Presentation