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Mentor Teacher Resources

 Kremen Education

Mentor Teacher Handbooks

Forms (to be completed in collaboration with the University Coach)

Competency Logs

EHD 178/178ECE Mid-Term & Final Evaluations

EHD 170/170ECE/160A/160B Mid-Term & Final Evaluations


EHD 155A

EHD 155B

Field Work Handbooks

Multiple Subject (Fall 2016/Spring 2017-start only)

Single Subject


Other Resources

Mentor Teacher Reimbursement Packet

Mentor teachers can receive a reimbursement of fees for 3-4-unit courses taken at Fresno State within two years of supervising a student teacher. You can submit the packet below for reimbursement of fees up to $450 (limit one per semester, and a student teacher must have been supervised within two years of the semester submitted). PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ON PAGE ONE OF THE PACKET.

Reimbursement Application

Co-Teaching Strategies

Spring 2018 Mentor Teacher Conference Interest Form

Our Mentor Teacher conference has been moved to Spring 2018. If you would be interested in staying updated about the conference, please complete the interest form below.

Mentor Teacher Conference Interest Form

Remediation Procedures

To be filled out by the University Coach and Credential Coordinator or Field Placements Director:

University Student Support Services

There are many services available on campus for our teacher candidates, please refer them to the list in the link below for guidance beyond what you and their University Coach can reasonably provide.

University Student Support Services

Spring 2018 Calendars