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Field Placements


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Remediation Procedures

General Teacher Candidate Resources

Role Expectations of Teacher Candidates

Detailed expectations are outlined in the syllabi and other sections of the handbook; however, all Teacher Candidates are expected to abide by the following general expectations:

  1. Attend sessions and complete reflections for seminars at the beginning of the semester as well as meetings with University Supervisors and/or Cooperating Teachers.
  2. Maintain confidentiality of students, parents, and school site staff at all times.
  3. Model professional and ethical behavior, including but not limited to punctuality, regular attendance, and appropriate dress (neat, clean, and modest).
  4. Notify the school, Cooperating Teacher, and University Supervisor in the case of an absence.
  5. Observe the Cooperating Teacher model methods and strategies for effective teaching.
  6. Become familiar with classroom management strategies and procedures used by the Cooperating Teacher and the School Site.
  7. Learn and abide by all applicable school rules and regulations.
  8. Develop lesson plans and have them approved by the University Supervisor and Cooperating Teacher before each lesson is taught.

Attendance Policy

Teacher Candidates are expected to be in their placements during scheduled days, arrive at the school on time, and remain at the school for the full-designated period.

Teacher Candidates will be required to make-up ALL absences by the last day of finals week. Supervisors are not permitted to make visits after the last day of instruction. Therefore, all observations, paperwork, and other course requirements must be completed by the last day of instruction regardless of the need to make up days.  All make up days must be made in agreement with the supervisor and school site partner, and any make up days must be confirmed by the school site partner.

If a Teacher Candidate must be absent due to emergency or illness, he or she must notify the University Supervisor, the school, and the School Site Partner by 7:30 AM on the day of their assigned class time. It may be necessary to have someone bring materials and/or lesson plans to the classroom to be used in the Teacher Candidate’s absence. More than 3 absences may result in a No Credit for the course. Extenuating circumstances must be discussed with the supervisor, Field Placement Coordinator, and Program Coordinator.

Substitute Teaching Policy

Teacher candidates are not permitted to serve as a substitute while on duty as a student teacher. This is a violation of the ED code and CTC teaching standards.

California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTPs)

Available in PDF format from the California Teaching Credential  Committee.

Multiple Subject/ECE/Dual Field Work Handbook

Multiple Subject/SPED/ECE/Dual Field Work Handbook (Fall 16/Spring 17 starts only)

Special Education  Handbooks & Clinical Practice Agreement

Single Subject Field Work Handbook

Further Resources


Credential students have access to several materials in INTERESC for use in their field placement classrooms. Please refer to this list.


Please contact the Internship office or refer to the internship website with questions about the internship program (this does not include candidates working on STSPs and PIPs).

Program Applicants

Please refer to the credential programs website for program application deadlines and requirements.

Program Completers

Please refer to the credential application website for details and instructions.