Preliminary Multiple Subject Credential with a Bilingual Authorization (Spanish and Hmong)

The multiple subject with a bilingual authorization credential authorizes the holder to provide academic instruction to English Learner students in their primary language.

  • Instruction for English Language Development (ELD) in grades K-12, including preschool
  • Instruction using Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English (SDAIE) strategies in self-contained classes.
  • Content instruction delivered in the language of emphasis in Multiple Subject matter classes.
  • Instruction for primary language development in the language of emphasis in grades K-12, including preschool, and in classes organized primarily for adults.

In addition to the required coursework for the Multiple Subject Credential, Bilingual Authorization candidates are to take the following courses in the area of emphasis, before or while in the credential program or within one year of completing the credential program:


SPAN 119† Advanced Grammar (3)

SPAN 121A† Advanced Composition (3)

SPAN 134† Spanish in Bilingual Schools (3)

CLAS 120† Cultural Change and the Latino (3)

LEE 136* Teaching Content in Spanish (3)

Total Units: 15


HMONG 100† Intermediate Hmong Reading (3)

HMONG 101† Advanced Hmong Composition (3)

LEE 129*† Hmong in Bilingual Schools (3)

ANTH 123† Peoples and Cultures of Southeast Asia (3) OR  LING121†Hmong Language, Culture and Identity (3)

LEE 135* Teaching Content in Hmong (3)

Total Units: 15

*courses to be taken within the Kremen School of Education and Human Development

† courses meet the bilingual authorization concentration for the Liberal Studies major

Bilingual Authorization candidates will be assigned to complete the student teaching requirement in a bilingual setting. The Bilingual Authorization Credential in Mexico is also available through the CSU International Teacher Education Council (ITEC).