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Teacher Internship Program

Fresno State's Summer Bootcamp is for future teachers working on Short-Term Staff or Provisional Internship Permits (STPs and PIPs) and new hires who need an Intern Credential to fill a teaching position in the coming school year.

In response to the growing need for elementary, secondary, and special education teachers in our region, Fresno State's Kremen School of Education and Human Development has streamlined the process for meeting internship credential prerequisites through a Summer Bootcamp. This sequence of three summer courses will enable qualified candidates, the opportunity to streamline entry into the intern credential program and to meet requirements for an Intern Credential.

Three courses (8 units of credit) are offered this summer that will satisfy the pre-requisite requirements for the Teacher in Preparation (TIP) Internship Program for multiple subject and special education candidates that have passed the CSET and single subject candidates who have either completed subject matter competency (coursework) or passed the CSET. (Candidates who have not passed CSET may take the courses, but will become eligible for an internship credential after passing it).

The three courses are being offered through Fresno State's Global and Continuing Education Office. The total cost for the eight units is $2,520 ($315 per unit). Scholarship funds are available to partially offset the cost for those planning to teach mathematics or science. The single subject contact person listed below will provide information on the mathematics and science scholarships.

Your help is needed to get this information to future teachers and other applicants within your district.

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Register for the Summer Boot Camp at:
• Fresno State Students: enroll in the three classes though their Fresno State portal, by selecting "CGE Summer".
• New Students: start at this link:

The class numbers provided below will help future teachers locate the classes.

Single Subject Courses
CI 149 – Curriculum, Instruction and Technology in Secondary Classrooms – 3 units
Class Number 50594 – Emy Lopez Phillips, Instructor

LEE 157 – Teaching English Learners in Secondary Classrooms – 3 units
Class Number 50595 - Laura Alamillo, Instructor

EHD 180T - Teaching Lab -- 2 units
Class Number 50424 - Steve Price, Instructor

Multiple Subject and Special Education Courses
CI 171* – Understanding the Learner, Instructional Design and Assessment – 3 units
Class Number 50593 – Emy Lopez Phillips, Instructor

LEE 172* – Cultural and Language Context of the Classroom – 3 units
Class Number 50596 - Laura Alamillo, Instructor

EHD 180T - Teaching Lab -- 2 units
Class Number 50424 - Steve Price, Instructor

*For Special Education and Dual Credential candidates, CI 171 and LEE 172 will count for other course work.

• For questions regarding Bootcamp Enrollment, contact:
Single and Multiple Subject: Russ or 559.278.0246
Special Education: Cheryl or 559.278.0412

• Districts or county offices that want to support new employees to attend these classes, contact:
Russ – 559.278.0246

• For other questions regarding the Teacher Internship Program, contact us at or 559.278.0232