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KSOEHD photo montage w/ university seal

School Counseling Credential

Program Assessment
Kremen School of Education and Human Development

Original Program Assessment Submission – Dated Dec 15, 2010 (PDF)

Reviewers Preliminary Findings - Dated May 24, 2011 (PDF)

Response to Preliminary Findings - Dated September 26, 2011

Reviewers Final Findings - Dated November 15, 2011 (PDF)

1. Response to Standards

2. Syllabi

Course Number Course Title
COUN 174 Introduction to Counseling
COUN 150 Laws Relating to Children
 COUN 200  Counseling Techniques
COUN 201 Seminar in Multicultural Aspects of Counseling
COUN 202 Seminar in Group Counseling
COUN 203 Seminar in Assessment in Counseling
COUN 206 Counseling through the Lifespan
COUN 208 Practicum in Counseling
COUN 220 Seminar in Career Development Theory
COUN 233 Seminar in Therapeutic Methods with Children, Adolescents and Their Families
 COUN 240  Seminar in Counseling Parents of Exceptional Children and Their Parents
 COUN 241 Seminar in Organization of Counseling Services
COUN 242 Seminar on Parent Education, Pupil Advocacy, and Consulting
CI 285 Seminar in Advanced Educational Psychology
COUN 249 Field Practice in School Counseling
ERA 153 Educational Statistics

3. Assessments

Biennial Report - 2010

4. Summary

Program Summary

5. Appendix