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Educational Leadership
& Administration Credential

Program Assessment
Kremen School of Education and Human Development

Original Program Assessment Submission – Dated Dec 15, 2010 (PDF)

Reviewers Final Findings - Dated March 9, 2010 (PDF)

1. Response to Standards


Preliminary and Administrative Intern

  Clear Administrative Services


2. Syllabi

Preliminary Administrative Services

Course Number Course Title
EAD 261 Introduction to Education Administration
EAD 262 Educational Leadership
EAD 263 Seminar in Instructional Supervision
EAD 269 Site-Based Leadership
EAD 272 Advanced Curriculum Design and Development
EAD 274 Instructional Systems and Leadership for Equity
ERA  288 Measurement and Program Evaluation

Clear Administrative Services

Course Number Course Title
EAD 264 Seminar in the Legal Aspects of Education
EAD 266 Seminar in School Finance and Business Administration
EAD 275 Personnel Administration in Education
EAD 278T Interpersonal Relations
EAD 278T Transforming Schools
EAD 279 Advanced Administration Fieldwork and Mentoring
EDL 201 Organizational Theory in Complex Organizations
EDL 202 Educational Reform
EDL 280T Human Resource Administration
EDL 280T Conflict Resolution Education for Educational Leaders
EDL 280T Resource Management & Fiscal Analysis
EDL 280T School Law

3. Assessments

4. Summary

5. Appendix

Preliminary Administrative Services

 Clear Administrative Services