Single Subject Credential Program
(Middle School and
High School Teaching)
Admission Requirements

Individuals may apply to a Single Subject Credential Program if they have a bachelor's degre from an accredited university or if they have obtained senior status or 90 units toward graduation. Candidates applying for the Single Subject Credential Program are expected to meet the admission requirements identified below. The following documentation must be returned to the Education Student Services Center, Education Building, Room 100.

All requirements are subject to change.

University Admission Requirements

*If you are a current Fresno State undergrad student that will be continuing as an undergrad or if you are a current  Fresno State post-baccalaureate student that will be continuing as a post-baccalaureate, disregard this step.

*If you are an undergraduate student that is NOT currently enrolled at Fresno State and will be starting the credential program as an undergraduate, apply to the university as an undergraduate student and adhere to the university undergraduate application deadlines.

Students starting the credential program as a post-baccalaureate student, complete the California State University, Fresno application for Graduate Admission available online at Please refer to the CSU Mentor instructions for assistance in applying to the university.

To complete your university application, you must send:

1. One set of official transcripts from each college attended, excluding Fresno State. (Failure to provide official transcripts to University Admissions will delay your program admission). Transcripts are not required if the most recent school you attended was Fresno State.

2.  A $55.00 application fee to Fresno State.

Mail the above items to the following address: University Admissions–Graduate; 5150 N. Maple Ave., M/S JA 57; Fresno, CA 93740-8026. Your university admission status may be checked at

Apply to Fresno State

Program Admission Requirements

Now that you have completed the university application, you need to complete the requirements for the credential program application.

Below you will find an explanation of the additional documents you need to submit to ED 100 in order to be considered for admission.

All documents required for program admission are to be assembled in one complete packet and submitted to the Education Student Services Center in the Education Building, ED 100.


Applicant Data Sheet

Complete all required information on the application data sheet.

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Documentation of University Admission

Provide one of the following:

  • Notice of application received from Fresno State
  • Current transcripts from Fresno State showing courses in progress (unofficial transcripts accepted)
  • Receipt of application fee paid to Fresno State
  • On-line application receipt

NOTE: At the time of graduation with a baccalaureate degree you must reapply to the university as a post baccalaureate student.

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Orientation Session Attendance Form

Upcoming Single Subject Orientation Dates:

Tues. March 10, 2015 at 10:00am in ED 215

Mon. March 23, 2015 at 2:00pm in ED 54

Tues. April 28, 2015 at 4:00pm in ED 215

To sign up for an orientation session, register online at: 

You will receive a signed verification of attendance form at the orientation, which must be included in your admission application packet. The Orientation Attendance Form must be dated no more than one year prior to submitting your application.

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Verification of Pre-Program Field Experience (EHD 50/Waiver)

This requirement is met by:

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Basic Skills Requirement

The candidate must meet this requirement by one of the following:

•  Submit original score report showing a score of “college ready” or “exempt” in the English and Math sections of the Early Assessment Program (EAP)


• Submit original score report showing a score of 50 on the Entry Level Math (ELM) exam and 151 on the English Placement Test (EPT).


• The candidate can also submit a combination of the scores from the EAP and the EPT/ELM as long as they passed a section of the English and a section for Math.


• Take all three subtests of the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) and submit verification of having passed CBEST or, at a minimum, have passing scores on the Reading (41) and Writing (41). Please note: You must show proof of passing all three sections prior to Final Student Teaching. Registration and test information may be obtained at


• Submit verification of a score of 3 or higher on the AP English Language and Composition or the AP English Literature and Composition Exam and a score of 3 or higher on the AP Calculus or Statistics Exam.

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GPA Requirement

For admission, the candidate shall have attained a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.67 in all baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate coursework or a grade point average of at least 2.75 in the last 60 semester units attempted. (Failure to provide official transcripts to University Admissions will delay your program admission).

NOTE: A Special Consideration Form must be completed if your grade point average (GPA) does not meet the minimum requirement. Approval of Special Consideration requests is not guaranteed.

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Admission Interview Form (two interviews required)

You must schedule your interview with your academic area advisor first. Your academic advisor will keep your interview form and typed responses and send them to the program coordinator for you. Soon after, you will be contacted to schedule your final interview with the program coordinator.

Please word process your responses to the questions on the Admission Interview Form prior to your scheduled interviews. Turn in the written responses and signed form with your application.

The interview provides the Kremen School of Education and Human Development with the opportunity to welcome and assist you in setting goals for your own professional development. The purpose of the 20 minute interview is to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate: verbal and written language skills, professional conduct, professional goals, and cultural awareness.

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Medical Clearance Form

Take this form to the Fresno State Student Health Center or to a private physician or appropriate health agency to secure the signatures verifying a current TB skin test (within one year prior to application).

NOTE: We cannot accept your medical records to verify your TB test. You must have the actual Medical Clearance Form signed due to state mandated requirements.

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Letters of Recommendation (two required)

Ask two instructors, supervisors or other individuals who know you professionally (ex. employer, teacher, etc.) to write a letter of recommendation on their personal or professional letterhead with recent date. Submit the two letters with your application packet. (Please do not have the letters sent directly to the Education Student Services Center.)

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Advising Form

Schedule appointments with your Academic Area Advisorand a Single Subject Advisor to complete the Single Subject Advising Form and obtain appropriate signatures. You can schedule an appointment with a Single Subject Advisor by calling (559) 278-0300. It is helpful to obtain the required signatures on this form at the same time as your Application for EHD 155A.

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Certificate of Clearance

The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing requires that each individual who wishes to perform certified services in a California school provide facts which establish his/her true identity and good moral character.

The Certificate of Clearance or approved permit must either be valid or expired for no more than 18 months while in the credential program and at the time that credential candidates apply to receive their credential per CTC regulations.

For instructions on obtaining a Certificate of Clearance, click on the Livescan/Certificate of Clearance Instructions.

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Application for EHD 155A

Fill in the required information on the Application for EHD 155A and obtain a signature from your Academic Area Advisorand a Single Subject Advisor. You can schedule an appointment with a Single Subject Advisor by calling (559) 278-0300. It is helpful to obtain the required signatures on this form at the same time as your Advising Form.

Note: Subject Matter Competency is documented on the Application for EHD 155A by your Academic Area Advisor. Subject Matter Competency can be met by passing the appropriate CSET or taking specific coursework approved by your Academic Area Advisor.

Subject Matter Competency must be met prior  to program admission.

The process of determining placements will not start until teacher candidates have met all requirements and are registered for the course. Some placement options will fill quickly. Location requests are considered but not guaranteed.

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Completion of CI 149

CI 149, Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology in Secondary Classrooms, can be completed as a pre-requisite to the Single Subject Credential Program OR taken in your first semester if you will be completing the three semester option.

NOTE: CI 149 must be completed prior to EHD 155A, Initial Student Teaching.

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Subject Matter Competency

Subject Matter Competency can be met in one of two ways:

1. Pass the CSET for the appropriate subject area 
(Please submit CSET scores to ED 100 if completing this option.)


2. Complete specific coursework approved by your Academic Area Advisor

Please Note: Subject Matter Competency must be met prior to program admission.

*If you have not met Subject Matter Competency, you can submit a Special Consideration Form with your application and request that an exception be made for you. Approval of special consideration requests is not guaranteed.

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Program Adviser Contact Information 

Single Subject Program Advisors

Name Room Phone Number
Dr. Nancy Akhavan      (Coordinator & Advisor) ED 100 (559) 278-0300
Ms. Jessica Choy
ED 100 (559) 278-0300


Academic Area Advisors

Subject Area Adviser Email Address Office Phone # Dept. Phone #
Agriculture Dr. Rosco Vaughn (559) 278-5067 (559) 278-2971
  Dr. Arthur Parham (559) 278-4332 (559) 278-2971
  Dr. Steve Rocca (559) 278-5088 (559) 278-2971
Art Dr. Dan Nadaner (559) 278-2399 (559) 278-2516
Business Ms. Aimee McFarland (559) 278-4992 (559) 278-5643
English/Comp. Dr. Alison Mandaville (559) 278-4914 (559) 278-6578
English/Speech Dr. Robert Powell (559) 278-4216 (559) 278-2826
  Ms. Barbara Aston (559) 278-5413 (559) 278-2826
English/Drama Ms. Kim Morin (559) 278-4342 (559) 278-3987
French Dr. Rosemarie Kuhn (559) 278-6890 (559) 278-2386
Industrial Technology Mr. Don Austin (559) 278-6494 (559) 278-2145
Physical Education Dr. David Kinnunen (559) 278-7389 (559) 278-2016
Mathematics Dr. Agnes Tuska (559) 278-2512 (559) 278-2992
  Dr. Rajee Amarasinghe (559) 278-4136 (559) 278-2992
  Dr. Lance Burger (559) 278-4906 (559) 278-2992
Music Dr. Tony Mowrer (559) 278-4260 (559) 278-2654
 Science Dr. David Andrews (559) 278-5174 (559) 278-5173
Social Science Dr. Lori Clune (559) 278-8895 (559) 278-2153
Spanish Dr. Jacinta Amaral (559) 278-4595 (559) 278-2386
  Dr. Debbie Avila (559) 278-6616 (559) 278-2386

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Policy for Submitted Documents

Policy change effective January 1, 2009: Once documents are submitted to the Education Student Services Center, they become the property of the Kremen School of Education and Human Development. We suggest you make a copy of all items before submitting them. No documents will be returned once they have been submitted.

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Appeal of Admission Decision Process

Applicants who have received written notification of denial of admission to the program have an opportunity to make a formal appeal for Special Consideration to the KSOEHD Admissions and Standards Committee. For Special Consideration review, the candidate shall have taken all three (3) CBEST subtests and submit verification of having passed CBEST or, at a minimum passing scores on the Reading (41) and Writing (41).

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