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Kremen Graduate Program

Renee Petch
Graduate Admissions Analyst
5005 N. Maple Ave, M/S ED 701
Fresno, CA. 93740

University Graduate Admissions

Graduate Admissions
5150 N. Maple Ave, MS JA57
Fresno, CA. 93740

Fall 2015 applications are now being accepted.
A Fresno State application is required before applying to our program.

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Graduate and Advanced Credential
Program Applications

You must first apply to Fresno State and then apply to our program, please click the appropriate link below to access the program application and view the admission requirements. (Program deadlines are subject to change without notice.)

Master of Arts in Education, options:

·Educational Leadership and Administration and/or the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

·Preliminary Administrative Services Credential only (must have a Master's degree to do the credential alone.)

Dr. Linda Hauser, Program Coordinator

·Educational Leadership and Administration-Higher Education

Dr. Ignacio Hernandez, Pathway Facilitator for Higher Education, Administration, and Leadership (HEAL)

·Counseling and Student Services

       Dr. Sarah Lam, Program Coordinator

·Curriculum and Instruction and/or the Certificate of Advanced Study in Educational Technology

·Certificate of Advanced Study in Educational Technology (only)

Dr. Carol Fry Bohlin, Program Coordinator

·Early Childhood Education and/or the Early Childhood Education Specialist Credential

·Transitional Kindergarten Certificate Program (TK)

Dr. Cathy Yun, Program Coordinator

·Multilingual and Multicultural Education

        Dr. Tony Vang, Program Coordinator

·Reading/Language Arts and/or the Reading/Language Arts Specialist Credential

 ·Reading/Language Arts ONLINE COHORT

Dr. Jyothi Bathina, Program Coordinator

Master of Arts in Special Education and/or the Clear Education Specialist Credential

Dr. Elisa Jamgochian, Program Coordinator

Master of Arts in Teaching (online) (Only accepting for Fall semesters)

Dr. Walter Ullrich, Program Coordinator

Master of Science in Counseling, options:

·School Counseling and/or the Pupil Personnel Services Credential - Closed for Fall 2015

·Pupil Personnel Services Credential (credential only)

       Dr. Sarah Lam, Program Coordinator

·Student Affairs and College Counseling - Closed for Fall 2015

              Dr. Kyle Weir, Program Coordinator

       ·Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling - Closed for Fall 2015

Dr. Kyle Weir, Program Coordinator

Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling

Dr. Jenelle Pitt, Program Coordinator

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