Credentialing and Certification

After completing your program or obtaining an Internship, you will need to apply for your teaching or services credential.

Submit a complete application packet to the Credential Analyst in the Kremen School, ED-100. Do not send the Fresno State application directly to the CTC; you must apply through Fresno State.

  1. The Credential Analyst will process your application and send it online to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC). Please allow approximately 2-4 weeks for processing.
  2. You will be contacted by the CTC via email to answer questions and provide your payment.
  3. Once payment has been received, a verification email will be sent to you. You may print this out as proof of applying for your credential and submit it to your County Office of Education or wait for your final email indicating that you have been credentialed.
  4. Within approximately 1-3 weeks of your payment verification you will receive a final email with your document number on it. Register this email with your County Office of Education. Once you have received the final email your official credential information will be available at: Click on "Search for an Educator" then, "Secured Search".

Current Processing Fees:

  • $25 Fresno State processing fee. Money order or cashier's checks are acceptable. No personal checks or cash.
  • $102.50 CTC processing fee will be paid online by credit/debit card. This fee will be less if you have a fee credit for your Certificate of Clearance.  (This fee was increased by the CA Legislature from $72.50 to $102.50 to be effective as of 7/1/2015.)


Students completing the Preliminary Multiple Subject, Preliminary Single Subject and Preliminary Education Specialist credential programs are asked to complete two surveys:  the CSU Exit Survey and the CTC survey. The CSU survey will need to be completed prior to applying for your credential.  The CTC survey will be emailed to you after your application has been submitted online and you've paid your CTC fee.

Your feedback is valuable and will provide information to help improve preparation programs. Please be reassured that your data will remain confidential, and that no candidate will be individually identified from the survey responses.



Please email the Credential Analyst, Sherri Nakashima to obtain an updated application.

Please contact the Credential Analyst, Sherri Nakashima at for information regarding:

  • Level II or Clear Education Specialist credential
  • Internship Administrative Services or School Psychology credential
  • Adding on authorizations to existing credentials
  • Extension appeals on Intern, Preliminary or Level I credentials
  • Out of state program verification form

Credential Information Links: