Ensenamos en el Valle Central

Enseñamos en el Valle Central

Growing Our Own Latinx Teachers

Enseñamos en el Valle Central prepares Latinx teachers who can serve students in bilingual classrooms in the Central Valley. Fresno State is collaborating with its two largest feeder community colleges—Fresno City College and Reedley College.

In fall 2014, Fresno City College instituted an Associate Degree for Transfer (“ADT”) for Elementary [K-8] Teachers, and in fall 2015 Reedley College instituted its ADT for Elementary [K-8] Teachers.

The Enseñamos Initiative is greatly improving the specificity and clarity of these new ADTs, with a focus on effective program planning, content relevance, and student advising. We are producing tight transfer pathways into Fresno State’s Teacher Education program. We are also implementing a purposeful system of student supports along these transfer pathways, starting with recruiting at high schools and currently enrolled community college students, ending with bachelor’s degrees and teaching credentials in a range of teaching discipline, including bilingual authorizations.

Finally, the Enseñamos Initiative provides for an embedded Resident Counselor at both Fresno City College and Reedley College to mentor from entry to exit Latinx, low income, and/or first-generation students. 

For more infomration, contact: 

Patricia D. López, Ph.D.
Project Director

Title V Award #P0315180093

Ensenamos en el Valle Central