Viticulture 194 and Enology 194

Viticulture 194 and Enology 194 provide students with an opportunity to work in the wine industry and receive university credit at the same time. These internships involve close cooperation between the Department of Viticulture and Enology and the wine industry in order to provide students with an opportunity to learn in an industry setting.

Qualified students who have a goal to be successful in the grape and wine industries are encouraged to take these courses.

Examples of Internship Packets:

Viticulture 194 Internship Packet

Enology 194 Internship Packet

For more information, contact: Mary Willis, Jordan College Advising & Career Development Center  (559) 278-4207


Melissa Costa Photo

"I learned so much by being involved in vineyard operations and through the SIP Certification program.  I am thankful we are allowed the oportunity to receive real world, hands-on experience out in the industry while receiving credit." -(Melissa Costa, 2012)