Mark Salwasser

Mark Salwasser
Vineyard Manager

B.S. Plant Science/Viticulture, California State University, Fresno

Office: Viticulture Fieldhouse
Phone: 559-278-4235
Fax: 559-278-1696

Brief Introductory Statement:
Mark Salwasser is the vineyard manager of the Fresno State Vineyards on campus. He is responsible for overseeing all 160-acres of raisin, wine, and table grapes. The vineyards are used for the university s research, teaching, and production programs. He also assists with the coordination of the vineyard presentations and equipment demonstrations for educational events held in the Fresno State Vineyards. Mark received his B.S. degree in Plant Science, with an emphasis in viticulture, in 1988 from California State University, Fresno.