Faculty & Staff Directory


Name Title and Area of Specialty
James Kennedy

Professor & Chair, Director

Grape and wine phenolic chemistry, with an emphasis on tannins

Sanliang Gu

Professor of Viticulture & Ricchiuti Chair of Viticulture

Fruit quality improvement, plant nutrition, plant-water relations, cold hardiness, cultivar evaluation, trellis systems and canopy management

S. Kaan Kurtural

Professor of Viticulture & Bronco Wine Company Viticulture Research Chair

Precision viticulture, whole grapevine physiology, mechanization of canopy management practices, vineyard efficiency

Hend Letaief

Assistant Professor of Enology

Problem solving and quality improvement research focusing on finding natural alternatives to sulfur dioxide, a potential allergen used to protect wines against oxidation and microbial spoilage.

Roy Thornton

Professor of Enology

Wine microbiology with an emphasis on wine yeast genetics and physiology, the breeding of wine yeast by selective hybridization for improved winemaking properties, manipulation of wine flavor by the use of different wine yeasts, flow cytometry, and quantifying microbial rot on wine grapes


Sonet Van Zyl

Assistant Professor of Viticulture 

Table and raisin grape production and marketing, cultivar development and evaluation, grapevine and rootstock breeding for improved quality and pest and disease resistance, industry focused research for California's table grape and raisin industries



Name Title and Area of Specialty
William Edinger


Microbial wine spoilage, application of non-Saccaromyces yeasts in fermentation, development of improved and automated detection and enumeration of wine microorganisms.

Kevin Smith

Lecturer, Winery Business & Marketing

Business and marketing Lecturer, Manager of business and marketing operations for the Fresno State Winery

Susan Rodriguez

 Director, Wine Sensory Lab

 Wine microbiology, growth and metabolism of lactic acid bacteria and yeast in wine using flow cytometry and specific antibodies, wine sensory evaluation, grape rot quantification



Name Title and Area of Specialty


Outreach & Events Coordinator Assistant


Office Support Manager, Winery

Geoffrey Dervishian

Viticulture Associate

Britt Foster

V. E. Petrucci Librarian

Ryan Hessler

Assistant Vineyard Manager

Carrie Irby

Accounting Technician for DVE and VERC

Jayne Ramirez

Administrative Assistant to the Chair/Director and Office Manager

Matt Rule

Winery Intern

Mark Salwasser

Vineyard Manager

Cynthia Wood

Program / Outreach and Events Coordinator

Adjunct Faculty:

Name   Title and Area of Specialty                     
Linda Glassman

Adjunct Faculty


Clark Smith

Adjunct Faculty

Winemaking and new technologies, enhancement of wine structure

Joseph Smilanick

Adjunct Faculty

Viticulture - Control of postharvest diseases of table grapes and other fruits by pre- and postharvest actions



Name    Title and Area of Specialty           
Sayed Badr

Professor & Chair Emeritus, Plant Science Department and

Professor Emeritus, Department of Viticulture and Enology

Viticulture, with an emphasis on table grape varieties, production and research

Barry Gump

Professor Emeritus, Chemistry and Adjunct Faculty of Enology, Department of Viticulture and Enology

Chemistry, brewing and wine analysis, Enology

Ken Fugelsang

Professor Emeritus of Enology

Wine Microbiology, Wine Analysis and Production

Carlos J. Muller

Professor Emeritus, Enology

Enology Food Science & Nutrition and the Department of Viticulture and Enology

Food chemistry and biochemistry, flavor development, vine physiology and defense mechanisms, wine quality, spoilage and stability, and the health aspects of wine

Vincent E. Petrucci

Professor Emeritus, Plant Science Department and

Director Emeritus, Viticulture & Enology Research Center

Viticulture Vineyard management and production, varieties

Robert L. Wample

Professor and Chair Emeritus, Department of Viticulture and Enology and Director Emeritus, Viticulture & Enology Research Center

Viticulture Effects of mechanical pruning, irrigation management, productivity and physiology including effects of nutrition, harvest date, pruning level and disease on cold hardiness of wine and juice grapes