General Show Rules

  1. The heifer show is open to exhibitors 21 years and under as of January 1, 2020. The steer, market heifer, lamb, market goat, wether dam doe and hog shows are open to exhibitors 19 years and under as of January 1, 2020.
  2. Entry fees: Cattle - $40.00/hd; Lambs, Market Goats, Wether Dam Doe and Hogs - $30.00/hd; Showmanship - $10.00/entry. All entry fees are non-refundable.
  3. Early entry deadline is January 27, 2020. Entries processed after January 27th will be assessed an additional $15/head late charge. Late entries will not be accepted after February 3, 2020.  All entries are completed online only.  Go to to complete the online entries.  Entry payment is by credit card only and involves the use of Paypal.
  4. Cattle exhibitors should bring a generator as power is limited.  Generators must be operated outside of the barn so bring long cords in case that you are stalled in the center of the barn.
  5. Class premiums will be paid in cash on a percentage basis the day of the show. Exhibitors will be required to have their stalls inspected for removal of bedding and debris prior to receiving their premiums.  Class premiums will not be mailed so be sure and pick up class premiums before leaving the show grounds.
  6. No uniform is required, however exhibitors shall dress neat and clean while showing.  The Show management reserves the right to change the show schedule and classes to improve the show.
  7. The Red Wave Classic, Fresno State, The Big Fresno Fair, and those associated with the show will assume no responsibility for death or injury to livestock or persons during the show. The above will also not be responsible or liable for damage of property or stolen items.
  8. Exhibitors must supply their own bedding (straw or shavings) and will be responsible for keeping it clean. Shavings will be available for purchase. Exhibitors will be responsible for removing all bedding from their stalls.
  9. Fresno State policy prohibits the use of alcohol at student functions.
  10. All animals are released after their respective classes and after their stalls have been cleaned.
  11. Use of artificial tail heads, switches or unnatural substances such as twine in the fitting of cattle is prohibited.
  12. Artificial means of internal filling of an animal such as pumping of cattle is prohibited.
  13. Once steers or market heifers have been weighed, they will not be allowed to be removed from the grounds until after they have been shown in their respective classes.



  1. Showmanship will consist of Junior (ages 12 and under), Intermediate (ages 13 - 15) and Senior (ages 16 and older) divisions for heifer, steer / market heifer, lamb, meat goat (market goat and wether dam doe together) and hog exhibitors. Age as of January 1, 2020.
  2. Entry Fee is $10.00 per entry.
  3. Show order for all showmanships unless otherwise posted will be Junior followed by Intermediate followed by Senior.
  4. Fitting is optional for all cattle showmanships. Cattle exhibitors need to enter both heifer and steer/market heifer showmanship if they want to show in showmanship both days.
  5. Exhibitor must show their own animal in showmanship.


Prospect, Progress and Market Hogs


Classes and Rules:


  1. Duroc - must demonstrate purebred Duroc characteristics.
  2. Hampshire - must demonstrate purebred Hampshire characteristics.
  3. Yorkshire - must demonstrate purebred Yorkshire characteristics.
  4. AOB - all other purebred breeds other than the 3 listed above.
  5. Crossbred
  6. Classes to be determined after weigh-in.
  7. No health papers required.


Prospect, Progress, and Market Lambs


  1. Classes to be determined after weigh-in.
  2. Lambs with club lamb fungus will not be accepted.


Prospect, Progress, and Market Goats


  1. Dairy Goats are not eligible to compete.
  2. Classes to be determined after weigh-in.


Light, Middle and Heavy Weight Does


1. Dairy Goats are not eligible to compete. 
2. Classes to be determined after weigh-in.



  1. Angus
  2. Charolais (not including Charolais Composites)
  3. Chi and Chi-Maine
  4. Hereford and Polled Hereford
  5. Maine Anjou including Maintainer
  6. Shorthorn
  7. All Other Breeds - Both Purebreds and Percentages not included in above breed divisions
  8. Commercial or Grade Heifers (shown by weight)


  1. Exhibitors must check-in original registration papers or be able to pull up information on the association website showing the animal registered in the exhibitor's name.
  2. Heifers may only show in one breed show even if they are registered with more than one breed association.
  3. Cow-Calf class in all breeds. Cows of any age are eligible.
  4. Heifers born before Jan. 1, 2018 will show against cows in Sr. Yrlg./Cow-Calf class.


Prospect and Progress Steers

Classes and Rules:

  1. English - Angus, Hereford, Red Angus, & Shorthorn - Must be purebreds, registered in their respective breed association and transferred into the exhibitor's name prior to the show.
  2. Red Crossbred and All Other Colors (red, yellow, grey, buff, cream and white steers, or any combination of these colors).
  3. Black and Black Crossbred - including black and white steers and blue roan steers.
  4. Classes to be determined after weigh-in.


Prospect and Progress Market Heifers


  1.  All breeds will show together.
  2. Champion and reserve champion market heifers will compete against the steer breed champions and reserves for champion and reserve champion prospect and progress market beef animals. 
  3. Classes to be determined after weigh-in.