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Incentive Rebates

Incentive rebates are available for pump bowl/impeller repair or replacement and other actions involving the pumping plant to improve pump efficiency. The pumping plant is defined to include:

  • The inlet works which can be the water well, storage tank, or suction piping.
  • The pump itself.
  • Discharge piping, which can be the column, pump discharge head, and piping within 10 feet of the pump discharge.

Note that only one pumping plant with one discharge point is eligible per rebate application.  (A well with a booster pump located at the well site and with the booster in series with the well, is considered a single pumping plant.)  Projects involving multiple pumps at multiple locations or on multiple meters are not eligible for this Program.  (Contact your local utility representative as there may be other energy efficiency programs that address these types of projects.)

Refer to the Program Policies and Procedures Manual for current details.