Incentive Rebates FAQ's

Question: I thought my pump repair incentive would be higher. How is the incentive calculated?
Answer : The incentive is calculated from the kilowatt-hour (or therm) total for the pump for the 12 months prior to or after the repair at your choice. If the overall pumping efficiency (OPE) is 50% or less (40% or less for a submersible, 16% or less for a natural gas-powered pump) the incentive is calculated as $0.08 times 0.25 times the kilowatt hour total if electric or $.80 times 0.25 times the therm total if natural gas (Page 2 of the application, Section A, Method 1). If the OPE is greater than 50% (40% if a submersible) the incentive is based on the ratio of the pre-retrofit OPE and the post-retrofit OPE (Page 2 of the application, Section A, Method 2). Finally, the maximum incentive that can be paid is 50% of the overall project cost, which ever is less.

Note that if you choose to use the future 12 months' energy use the incentive will not be paid until the next 12 months' billing is available. Also, the actual incentive will be based on the actual energy use, not the estimate contained in the original application.

Question: My pump tester could not do a valid test because there was no sounding tube. Can I apply for a pump repair incentive?
Answer : Yes, the Program can use a change in kilowatt-hours per acre-foot (or therms per acre-foot) to calculate an incentive. (Note, if the water well is repaired a sounding tube or airline should be installed so that post-repair efficiency can be determined.)

Question: Does the Program pay for the repair of the electric motor or natural gas engine that powers the pump?
Answer: No.  We will only include the costs associated with the retrofit or replacement of the pump bowl or impeller when calculating the "50% of project cost" maximum incentive.