Pacific Gas & Electric Company, operating under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission, will fund cash incentive s for pump retrofit projects for the period 2009 - 2012.  These operations will be implemented by the Center of Irrigation Technology through the Advanced Pumping Efficiency Program (APEP). 

Who is eligible for Program?
Eligibility extends to all owners or users of a non-residential, PG&E electric or natural gas utility account that is primarily used for pumping water for production agriculture, landscape or turf irrigation, or municipal purposes, including potable and tertiary-treated (reclaimed) water but excluding pumps used for industrial processes, raw sewage, or secondary-treated sewage, and who are paying the Public Purpose Programs Charge. Customers should call APEP first if there is a question concerning their eligibility.

 Are there changes in eligibility requirements in this third phase of funding?
Yes. Refer to the update version (look for v. 01/01/2011 in the header of the document) of the Program Policies and Procedures Manual (as Adobe .pdf), (click here for MS Word .doc version). Most importantly only projects started on or after January 1, 2006 are eligible for this third phase of APEP. This includes participants in the AG-ICE program.

Also, refer to the updated applications for changes in the incentive calculation methods.

B. What kind of work is eligible for an incentive?

The only project eligible for an incentive involves retrofit or replacement of either or both of the pump impeller or bowl.

The project may encompass only one pumping system with one discharge (note that a well with a booster pump at the well site, in series with the well, is eligible).   Efficiency improvement work can be contracted or performed wholly or partially in-house if such capability exists. For purposes of incentive calculation, in-house rates cannot exceed typical rates charged by the average of the two closest commercial pump repair contractors. 

C. How are pump tests used to determine incentive eligibility?
The purpose of the pump efficiency test is to determine current overall pumping efficiency and also as an indication that the pump is operational.  The current efficiency also normally affects how the incentive is calculated.   The post-retrofit pump test may affect the incentive calculation and also indicates if the operating condition of the pump has been altered (an ineligible project).  APEP may subsidize one of these tests if it is performed by an APEP Participating Pump Test Company.  Normally only one test is allowed per pump in a 23-month period for both electric and natural gas-powered pumps. Pump tests are specifically not available for any purpose related to a real estate transaction (e.g. determine flow, pumping water level, water quality) or to satisfy a mandate of any federal, state, or local government or quasi-public agency.

D. Other important eligibility factors (refer to the Policies and Procedures for a full list)

  • Only one pumping system, with one discharge point is eligible per application.  Projects involving multiple pumping systems at different locations or on different meters are not eligible.  (Note that a well, with a booster pump located at the well and in series with the well, is an eligible pumping system.)
  • Only retrofit projects started on or after January 1, 2006 are eligible .
  • A copy of the pre-project pump efficiency test performed after June 1, 2002 but within five (5) years of project start must be submitted with the application.
  • The project must be completed and an after-project pump test submitted within six (6) months of the project application being approved.
  • The pumping system must be operational.  APEP will not provide an incentive to repair a broken or inoperable pumping system.
  • No repairs or maintenance activities for engines or gear drives are eligible.  (Note that PG&E may have energy efficiency programs that provide funds for these projects).
  • No incentive will be provided to construct or finish a new well (again, check with your PG&E account representative or log on to www.pge.com for more information regarding all other PG&E energy efficiency programs).
  • The incentive cannot be combined with any other incentive or service offered by one of the investor-owned utilities or any state or local agency.
  • Participants in the AG-ICE program are eligible for APEP services and incentives.