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Industry Certifications

Why Become Certified?

Certification programs are similar to licensing programs but are voluntary. A license is essentially the state s certification that you are qualified to practice your profession. Certification programs are a voluntary way to show that you have met the knowledge, skills, and professional ethics requirements of the certifying agency. Obtaining a certification gives employers and clients the assurance that you know what you are doing. In addition, since certification programs are voluntary, they indicate that you have made a commitment to maintaining and improving your professional knowledge and skills.

Irrigation Specialist
3 years irrigation related experience plus series of specific exams
BS and 2 years irrigation related experience plus series of specific exams


Certified Irrigation Designer
BS including C or better and B average in the following courses: SW2, SW100, SW100L, SW104, SW111, SW114, and MeAg53 plus 750 hours work experience plus exam.


Certified Arborist
BS plus one year experience plus examination


California Certified Nursery Professional
18 months full time or 3,120 cumulative hours part-time in a California nursery
BS in Ornamental Hort and 2,080 hours work exp. in a nursery.


Certified Crop Adviser (CCA)
BS plus two years experience plus international and state/regional exams


Certified Professional Agronomist
BS plus specific units in soil science, chemistry, computer applications, physics, geology, climatology, speech, and economics


Certified Entomologist
BS plus three years experience plus general and specialty exams in entomology


CA Department of Pesticide Regulation Certification
DPR has several certification programs including Agricultural Pest Control Advisor and Qualified Applicator