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Where Do I Go For Answers to my Academic Questions?

There are at least four sources of information you can turn to when you have a question.

  • Faculty Advising-Each Plant Science major is assigned a faculty adviser. They can offer guidance about a variety of topics, such as major requirements, internships, career options and other opportunities. Advisers can also connect you to other campus and community resources that may be helpful. Plant Science majors are required to meet with their adviser at least once a semester.
  • Location: Faculty offices are located in the Agricultural Science and Ag Mechanics buildings.
  • Appointments: Faculty office hours are posted outside each office and on faculty web pages, but all faculty maintain an open door policy; if the door is open, then come on in. If these hours are not convenient, you can make an appointment by telephone or email. You can also leave messages at the department office (559-278-2861).
  • Please Note: Assignments are posted on the bulletin board outside the department office (Ag Sciences 222). If your name is not listed, please notify us. You may request a change in adviser or express a preference if unassigned. Information about each adviser is included in the faculty section
  • The University Catalog: Each student should have a copy of the catalog, which is available online  The catalog that applies to you is usually the one in effect the semester you enroll at California State University, Fresno. Transfer students may choose the catalog in effect when they first entered an accredited California community college or university. The requirements for graduation in that catalog are the ones you are expected to meet. Since graduation requirements change from year to year, it is important that you always refer to the catalog that applies to you.
  • The Class Schedule: The class schedule is only available online. In addition to the times and locations of courses being offered, it contains semester calendars, the final exam schedule, and information on registration, fees, grading, graduating, and other university policies.
  • Networking: Networking with your peers can provide valuable information on part-time jobs, internships, and industry contacts as well as opinions on elective course content and instructor teaching styles.

What Courses are Offered?


What Else Must be Done to Graduate?

In order to graduate, you must meet all university and department requirements.

Meet the minimum number of units taken at Fresno State. Students must have at least 9 units for General Education, 12 units for major, and 24 units upper division . From the 24 units required for upper division 9 must be general education, and number of upper division units (nine in General Education, 20 in the major, 40 total).

Upper Division Writing Requirement. To meet the upper division writing requirement students must either passing the Upper Division Writing Exam or taking a writing course (any course in the schedule of courses with a W after the number).

If you have more questions about the Upper Division Writing Requirement and what classes count click here:

If you want more information about the actual test click here:

File for Graduation. During the first two weeks of your last semester you must file for graduation and pay a fee online. Undergraduate Degree Checkout Process through your Student Center>Apply for Undergraduate

What About Extracurricular Activities

The Plant Science Club is one of many clubs at the university where you can meet fellow students and have fun at the same time as you prepare to meet your career goals. The club sponsors an annual career day where successful alumni return to campus to share their insights. The networking that begins here carries into professional contacts that can prove invaluable.