Spring 2014 Office Hours


Faculty and Staff


Alex Alexandrou, Ph.D. - Mechanized Agriculture

Sharon Benes, Ph.D. - Soil Science

John T. Bushoven, Ph.D. - Horticultural Science

Jorge Gonzalez, Ph.D. - Plant Health

Dave Goorahoo, Ph.D - Vegetable Crops

Ken Heupel, M.A. - Mechanized Agriculture

Charles Krauter, Ph.D. - Soils and Irrigation

Bruce Roberts, Ph.D. - Agronomy

Florence Cassel Sharma, Ph.D. - Irrigation

Anil Shrestha, Ph.D. - Weed Science

Adjunct Faculty

Kent M. Daane, Ph.D. - Entomology

David F. Zoldoske, Ed.D. - Irrigation


Department Office

Marlene Miyasaki - Administrative Support

Graduate Laboratory

Denis Bacon, Ed.D. - Instructional Support

University Farm Laboratory

Gary Chavira - Vegetable Crops

Calliope Correia - Greenhouse/Nursery Crops

Mark Salwasser - Orchard Crops