Recent M.Sc. Degree in Plant Science, Theses Completed


Spring/Summer 2016

Effect of Saline Irrigation on Biological Nitrogen Fixation in Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) and its Response to Applied Mineral Nitrogen.  Sangeeta Bansal.  Thesis Chair: Dr. Sharon Benes

Yield, Biomass and Nitrate Leaching Potential for Cauliflower Grown in a Sandy Loam Soil with Organic and Conventional Fertilizers.  Josue Samano Monroy.  Thesis Chair:  Dr. Dave Goorahoo

A Comparison between Automated Thinners with Manual Thinning of Lettuce in the Salinas Valley: Weed Control and Efficacy.  Elizabeth Mosqueda.  Thesis Chair: Dr. Anil Shrestha

Fall 2016

Effects of Regulated Deficit Irrigation (RDI) on Fruit Quality, Yield, and Weeds in Navel Oranges [Citrus Sinensis (L.) Osbeck, cv Washington ‘Frost Nucellar’]". Natalio Mendez.  Thesis Chair: Dr. Dave Goorahoo

Impact of Common Pesticides on Beneficial Arthropods in the Almond Orchard.  Nathan Cannell. Thesis Chair: Dr. Andrew Lawson/ Dr. Anil Shrestha (final)

Spring 2015

Agricultural Landscape Ecology of Spotted Wing Drosophila in the Central Valley of California.  Thomas J. Stewart.  Thesis Chair: Dr. Andrew Lawson/ Dr. John Bushoven (final)

Evaluation of Oil Seed Cover Crops as a Pre-bloom Alternate Food Source for Pollinator Honeybees (Apis mellifera) in the San Joaquin Valley.  Adam Novicki.   Thesis Chair: Dr. Andrew Lawson/ Dr. John Bushoven (final)

Effects of Ozone and Water Deficit on Stomatal Kinetics, Diel Trends in Stomatal Conductance, Growth and Allometry in Crops and Weeds.  Rama Paudel.  Thesis Adviser: Dr. Anil Shrestha.

Evaluation of Saflufenacil on Glyphosate Resistant and Glyphosate-Paraquat Resistant Hairy Fleabane  Michelle Dennis.  Thesis Adviser: Dr. Anil Shrestha.

Fall 2014

Optimization of a Novel In Planta Culture Method of ‘Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum’ and Discoveries of Endophyte Population Dynamics in Excised Tomato Leaves.  Nicholas Clark.  Thesis Chair: Dr. John Bushoven

Evaluation of San Joaquin Valley Palmer Amaranth (Amaranthus Palmeri) Populations for Glyphosate Resistance and Tolerance.  Sonia Rios.  Thesis Chair: Dr. Anil Shrestha

The Development and Assessment of a Horticultural Curriculum for a Transition to Adulthood Program for Young Adults with Disabilities.  Calliope Correira.  Thesis Chair:  Dr. John Bushoven

AY 2013-2014

Bioavailability of Selenium in ‘Jose’ Tall Wheatgrass (Thinopyrum ponticum var ‘Jose’) Hay as a Substitute for Sodium Selenite in the Diets of Dairy Cattle.   Grace Cun.  Thesis Chair: Dr. Sharon Benes

A Survey of Fungicide Resistance in Botrytis cinerea on Strawberries in California’ Central Coast Region.  Andrew Pokorny.  Thesis Chair (Dr. James Farrar, followed by Dr. Anil Shrestha)

Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Cotton Fertilized with Urea Ammonium Nitrate.  Navreet Mahal Thesis Chair: Dr. Dave Goorahoo.

Using the 15N Stable Isotope Natural Abundance Method to Estimate the Impact of Manure Application on Nitrogen Budgets for Alfalfa Grown in the Santa Clara and San Joaquin Valleys of California.  Jarred Sturla.   Thesis Chair: Dr. Bruce Roberts.

Comparison of Salt Tolerant Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) Genotypes: Seed Germination, Emergence and Dry Matter Yield and Mineral Composition of Mature Plants.  Inderjot Chahal.  Thesis Chair:  Dr. Sharon Benes

Growth and Yield Response of Bell Pepper cv. Pismo to Slow Release Nitrogen Fertilizer and Irrigation Regimes.  David Scheidt.  Thesis Chair:  Dr. Dave Goorahoo.

Growth, Yield and Water Use Efficiency of Tomatoes Subjected to Elevated Carbon Dioxide under Two Different Irrigation Regimes.  Bardia Dehghanmanshadi.  Thesis Chair:  Dr. Florence Cassel-Sharma

AY 2012-2013

Effects of calcium fertigation and acidification on tomatoes grown in salt-affected soils.  Prasad Yadavali.  Thesis Chair:  Dr. Dave Goorahoo.

The Correlation of Soil Texture, Leaf Water Potentials, and Infrared Leaf Temperatures in Pistachio (Pistacia Vera L.).  Kevin Brooks.  Thesis Chair:  Dr. Bruce Roberts

Viticultural and Enological Performance of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot Grapevines
in Response to Rootstock Selection in California’s Central Coast.  Yannis Toutountzis.  Thesis Chair: Dr. Sharon Benes.

Growth, Development, and Pest Population Dynamics in Conservation Cotton Cropping Systems in the San Joaquin valley.  Joy Hollingsworth.  Thesis Chair:  Dr. Anil Shrestha. Graduate Medalist for the College

AY 2011-2012

Selenium Accumulation in ‘Jose’ Tall Wheatgrass (Thinopyrum ponticum) Irrigated with Saline Drainage WaterJaya Ram K.C.  Thesis Chair:  Dr. Sharon Benes

Response of Yield and Quality to Plant Density and Nitrogen Fertilizer Levels in Sweet Corn

Nathalia Mourad Moretti.  Thesis Chairs:  Drs. Sharon Benes and Ganesan Srinivasan.

Evaluation of seed germination-based protocols for screening of salinity tolerance in turfgrasses. Eeshan Mokashi.  Thesis Chair: Dr. John Bushoven. 

Determination of multiple herbicide resistance in populations of hairy fleabane (conyza bonariensis) in the central valley of California and evaluation of alternative chemical control.  Marcelo Luvizotto Moretti.  Thesis Chair: Anil Shrestha.  Graduate Medalist for the University

AY 2010- 2011

Steam as a Methyl Bromide Alternative in California Cut Flower Production.Christine Rainboldt.  Thesis Chair: Anil Shrestha.  Graduate Medalist for the University

Efficacy of Slow Release Nitrogen Fertilizer Formulations Applied to Vegetables.  Shashi Kiran Reddy Yellareddy Gari. Thesis Chair: Dr. Dave Goorahoo. 

AY 2009- 2010

Grapevine Deficit irrigation and its effect on mite (Acari: Tetranychidae) and leafhopper (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae) populations.Emily Smith.  Thesis Chair: Dr. Andrew Lawson, in conjunction with Dr. Kent Daane (Univ. California, Kearney Ag Center).

Etephon, gibberellic acid, and kinetin’s effect on guayule (Parthenium argentatum) seed germination and seedling development.  Frances Rond.  Thesis Chair: Dr. Bruce Roberts

AY 2008-09

QTL Analysis and Marker Addition in a Recombinant Inbred Population of Pepper (Capsicum annuum L.).  Chad Jorgensen.  Thesis Chair: Dr. James Farrar, in conjunction with Dr. Jim Prince, Biology Dept.

Factors Affecting Glyphosate Control of Horseweed (Conzya canadensis) and Hairy Fleabane (Conzya bonariensis).  Scott Scheufele.  Thesis Chair: Dr. Bruce Roberts.

Use of Preharvest Ethephon Applications to Reduce ‘Breba’ Crop Load and Postharvest Performance Evaluations of Fresh Fig (Ficus carica) Varieties/ selections.  Vanessa Bremer Blanch.  Thesis Chair: Dr. John Bushoven, in conjunction with Dr. Carlos Cristoso (Univ. of California, Kearney Ag Center).  Outstanding Thesis Award and Graduate Medalist for the College

AY 2007-08

Effects of Application Timing and Water Chemistry on Phosphate Uptake Efficiency for Tomatoes grown on a Tulare Clay Loam.  Robert Blattler.  Thesis Chair: Dr. Bruce Roberts.

Reclamation Potential of Amendments for Soils Irrigated with Saline-sodic Drainage Water.  Vijayasatya N. Chaganti. Thesis Chair: Dr. Sharon Benes.

Optimizing Nitrogen Rates for Organic Vegetables Subjected to Airjection® Irrigation.  Namratha Pulla Reddy Gari. Thesis Chair: Dr. Dave Goorahoo. Graduate Medalist for the College

AY 2006-07

Steps to the Development of a triploid clone through endosperm tissue culture of Sapium sebiferum” (L.) Roxb.  Jeremy Bahne.  Thesis Chair: Dr. James Farrar.

Identifying the Primary Vector or Vectors of Xylella Fastidiosa (Xf), the Cause of Almond Leaf Scorch Disease (ALSDE) in the San Joaquin Valley.  Tatjana Sikuljak.  Thesis Chair: Dr. Andrew Lawson, in conjunction with Dr. Russell Groves, USDA-ARS, Parlier.  Outstanding Thesis Award for the University and Graduate Medalist for the College

AY 2005-06

Population dynamics and insecticidal control of the black widow spider Latrodectus hesperus (Araneae:Theriididae) from California’s San Joaquin Valley table grape vineyards.  Pedro Hernandez.  Thesis Chair: Dr. Andrew Lawson in conjunction with Dr. Kent Daane (Univ. California, Kearney Ag Center).  Graduate Medalist, Division of Student Affairs  

Propagation of Asimina triloba (L.) Dunal: A Native American Fruit for Temperate Regions. Greg Drier.  Thesis Chair: Dr. James Farrar.

AY 2004-05

Ammonia Emissions from Nitrogen Applied in a Site-Specific Manner.Matthew Beene.  Thesis Chair:  Dr. Charles Krauter.

The Asian Woolly Hackberry Aphid, Shivaphis celti Das (Homoptera: Aphididae), an Introduced Pest in California.  Laurel May. Thesis Chair: Dr. Andrew Lawson.  Graduate Medalist for the University 

Biomass Production and Nutritional Value of Salt-Tolerant Forages Irrigated with Saline-Sodic Drainage Water: Field and Greenhouse Studies.  Hitoshi Suyama.  Thesis Chair: Dr. Sharon Benes. Outstanding Thesis Award for the College. 

Determination of Hydraulic Parameters for Soils Irrigated with Recycled Saline-Sodic Drainage Water.  Kimberly Senatore.  Thesis Chair:  Dr. Sharon Benes, in conjunction with Dr. Dave Goorahoo.

Effects of Nitrogen Source and Amount on Lettuce Yield.  David Jamison.  Thesis Chair:  Dr. Sharon Benes. 

Developing Base Crop Coefficients for Irrigation Management of Lettuce in Relation to Canopy Growth in the San Joaquin Valley of California. Sebastian Guillen.  Thesis Chair:  Dr. Mahlon Hile.