Course Reserves and Resources

Recommended and required course materials are available in the V.E. Petrucci Library for students. These materials are for use in the library only; to locate course materials available for check out or through electronic access, please search the Henry Madden Library catalog or contact the librarian.

For materials related to course assignments, including ampelographies, research articles, production and processing statistics, and free-use viticulture and enology images, please speak to librarian Britt Foster. One-on-one research appointments are available to help locate specific and relevant resources..

Spring 2015: Available Course Materials

Enology Courses

Enology 105: Advanced Sensory Evaluation of Wines (Instructor: Susan B. Rodriguez)

     Wine Tasting: A Professional Handbook. Ronald S. Jackson
     Sensory Evaluation of Food: Principles and Practices . Harry T. Lawless et al
     The Taste of Wine: The ARt and Science of Wine Appreciation. Emily Peynaud

Enology 110: Grape and Wine Chemistry (Instructor: James Kennedy)

     Principles and Practices of Winemaking. Roger Boulton et al
     Handbook of Enology, Volume 1 and 2. Pascal Ribéreau-Gayon et al
     Wine Science: Principles, Practices, Perception. Ron S. Jackson
 American Chemical Society (ACS) Style Guide

Enology 125: Wine Microbiology (Instructor: Roy Thornton)

     Wine Analysis and Production.  Bruce Zoecklein et al
     Wine Microbiology:Practical Applications and Procedures. K.C.
          Fugelsang, et al

Enology 151: Winery Equipment (Instructor: K.C. Fugelsang)

     Wine Analysis and Production.  Bruce Zoecklein et al

Enology 166: Cellar Management (Instructor: K.C. Fugelsang)

    Wine Analysis and Production.  Bruce Zoecklein et al

Enology 170: Wine Business Management (Instructor: Kevin Smith)

     Wine: A Global Business. Liz Thatch and Tim Matz
     The Business of Wine: An Encyclopedia Geralyn Brostrom et al

Viticulture Courses

Viticulture 102: General Viticulture II (Instructor: Sanliang Gu, Sonet van Zyl)

     Compendium of Grape Diseases. Roger C. Pearson
     The Science of the Grapevines – Anatomy and Physiology
     General Viticulture. A.J. Winkler et al
     Viticulture, Volume 1:Resources. B.G. Coombe, et al
     Viticulture, Volume 2: Practices. B.G. Coombe, et al
     Wine Grape Varieties in California. L. Peter Christensen et al
     A Treatise on Raisin Production, Processing, and Marketing. Vincent
          E. Petrucci
     Raisin Production Manual. P.L. Christensen
     Grape Pest Management. Donald L. Flaherty et al
     Sunlight into Wine. R. Smart & M. Robinson

Viticulture 196: Viticulture Projects (Instructor: Sonet van Zyl)

     Vineyard Feasibility Study: Resource List