Ag Ambassadors

The purpose of the Agricultural Ambassadors is to...
1) promote higher education;
2) promote the Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology and all its majors;
3) promote California State University, Fresno; and
4) promote agricultural literacy.

These are to be accomplished through the active recruitment of high school and community college students, by California State University, Fresno students whose major is within the Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology.

Our Ambassador Goals
1) Present our College and University in a positive manner;
2) Provide quality presentations in classrooms state-wide;
3) Maintain positive attitudes & team relations;
4) Present well planned, organized events;
5) Visit major community college agriculture programs;
6) Target local high school agriculture programs;
7) Plan and present informative outreach events;
8) Update and improve JCAST outreach booth display;
9) Build solid relationships through collaboration with faculty; and
10) Have fun!

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Ambassador team, please email Dr. Steven Rocca.