2018 Spring / Summer



As you know, the University had to manage another free-speech challenge this past spring and summer. In the words of President Castro, “the professor’s conduct was insensitive, inappropriate and an embarrassment to the University." Like me, I suspect some of you had even stronger words to describe the situations. I certainly agree with the comments being insensitive and inappropriate. Accepting they are protected free speech under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution has been more challenging for some of us. However, from whatever perspective I view this situation, I always come back to the same conclusion. I would never choose to live anywhere but the United States of America and with that comes the responsibility to abide in the law of the land – the U.S. Constitution. READ MORE


Dean's Medalists


Agricultural science graduate student Jacob Vazquez and agricultural business senior Katelin Britton were honored as the Dean's Medalists at convocation and commencement ceremonies for their academic achievements and community outreach. BRITTON VIDEO / STORYVAZQUEZ VIDEO / STORY 


Petrucci viticulture building renaming event


Family, friends, alumni and industry celebrated the naming of the Vincent E. Petrucci Viticulture Building for the legendary program founder who oversaw its rise into a preeminent grape-growing and wine processing leader. READ MORE / PHOTOS


Anil Shrestha - Nepal research


Viticulture and enology department chairperson Dr. Anil Shrestha returns annually to his native Nepal to shares his nationally-recognized weed science research & expertise with faculty, students, farmers and government agencies. READ MORE  / PHOTOS


Shaela Warkentin and her father Ken Warkentin


Graduating senior and blind student Shaela Warkentin inspires the campus and community to better understand and assist others' special needs after rebuilding her life after a car accident.  READ MORE  /  PHOTOS


Meat Science Scholarship donors


Several recent campus meat science program alumni are creating new academic opportunities for students with a scholarship endowment for campus meat science lab student workers.  READ MORE / PHOTOS


Food Processing Lab Video


Students develop new products and learn valuable industry production and food safety practices at the campus food processing laboratory that provides a wide variety of products to the Gibson Farm Market.  VIDEO 


Ghana Study Abroad trip


Five agricultural business and animal science students traveled to Ghana last winter to help cocoa growers implement better industry practices while making memories they will never forget. VIDEO / PHOTOS


California League of Food Processors Expo


Food Science and Nutrition students took advantage of networking and job interviewing opportunities while hosting a food tasting table at the nationally-respected California League of Food Processors Expo. VIDEO / PHOTOS


Sinclair addition to Bee Sweet Citrus Processing Lab


Thanks to a gift by local labeling company Sinclair, the Bee Sweet Citrus Fresh Fruit Packing Line is utilizing new technology that is incorporated into Industrial Technology Department classes.  READ MORE / PHOTOS 


Fresno State viticulture and enology student tom Shudic


Retired aerospace engineer Tom Shudic commuted from Los Angeles the past three years to expand his love of wine-making through an enology degree and valuable experience at the campus winery. READ MORE PHOTOS


Ambassadors for Youth Success


The Ambassadors for Youth Success (AYS) club was honored with the university's top student community service award for its programs aimed at lowering drop-out rates and encouraging high school students to follow their college dreams. READ MORE / PHOTOS


Swine Unit student manager Hugo Rodriguez


Animal Science student Hugo Rodriguez is creating a rewarding career path after serving as the student manager of one of the largest college campus swine units in the West. VIDEO /  PHOTOS


Tim Truax American Farm Bureau national discussion title


Agricultural education junior Tim Truax's ability to analyze agricultural issues and create solutions helped him win Fresno State's fourth American Farm Bureau national collegiate discussion title since 2004. READ MORE / PHOTOS 


Sensory Evaluation Lab - Jordan Agricultural Research Center


The Jordan Agricultural Research Center sensory evaluation team is building a library of potential panelists to participate in future evaluation of food and beverages.  REGISTER


Ag One graduation


Your gift to the  Ag One Foundation matters because the quality of a Fresno State education and the College’s commitment to educational opportunity depend on it. Fresno State could not be the institution it is today without generous gifts like yours.  GIVE NOW


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2017-18 Fall / Winter Newsletter

  Dean Sandra WitteA MESSAGE FROM THE DEAN...

Greetings! We are halfway through our 2017-2018 academic year and we just welcomed our students back to campus on January 16. We’ve have had a busy fall so students and faculty earned their winter break this year. One of the challenges we have had for the past couple of years is having more students than we can accommodate. I know, that sounds like a good thing, especially for the future of agriculture. However, when it becomes difficult for students to get a full load of classes and the classes they need, it isn’t such a good thing.   READ MORE


Culinology students


Mastering the Perfect Mustard
The Gibson Farm Market is utilizing customers to product-test a new mustard product thanks to a collaboration by senior culinology student Adam Joppen and professor Dr. Dennis Ferris.  VIDEO


Don Parreira, Alcidia Freitas Gomes, Marsha Vucovich, Sandra Witte


Mark Vucovich scholarship endowment created
Thanks to a donation by Fresno Equipment Company, ag students will now be able to carry on the tradition of the former owner/CEO.  READ MORE


Plant Science Club


4 national titles, 6 years: Another Plant Science Club win 
Fresno State topped many of the nation's top ag universities at the national club speech contest focusing on community outreach & sponsored by the Students of Agronomy, Soils and Environmental Sciences organization.  READ MORE /  PHOTOS


Video feature - Steven Pozzi


Carrying on the sixth-generation tradition 
Through his campus farm job, summer internship in Washington D.C. and campus club activities, ag business junior Steven Pozzi has gained vital experience to help carry on the tradition of his Petaluma-area family cattle and sheep ranch.  VIDEO 


Ag Discovery Camp


USDA Ag Discovery Camp attracts students from across nation
Fresno State faculty and staff welcomed 16 high school students last summer to an intensive and rewarding two-week Central Valley tour that emphasized campus farm units and utilized university ag faculty & staff to teach how all parts of the food chain are connected.  VIDEO /  PHOTOS /  INFO


Smart Farm Technology


Smart farm technology leads to university partnership
Industrial Technology department faculty and industry contacts are showcasing precision agriculture innovations to Cal Poly and UC Santa Barbara faculty and students through a National Science Foundation Cyber SEES Smart Farm project. READ MOREPHOTOS


Jordan Agricultural Research Center faculty research presentations


Here's how faculty are using the new Jordan Agricultural Research Center 
Agriculture, engineering, mathematics and science faculty shared their current research projects to encourage further collaboration across departments and disciplines. VIDEOS


2017 Top Dog Recipients (including Lynne Ashbeck)


Ashbeck honored as Jordan College's Top Dog
Home economics and nutrition graduate Lynne Ashbeck was recognized as the Jordan College's Top Dog recipient for her 40 years of leadership in the area hospitals, organizations and Clovis city government.  READ MORE / VIDEO / PHOTOS


James Moller mechanized ag lab renovations gift announcement


New ag lab renovations thanks to the Moller family 
New welding equipment and workspaces, a CNC plasma cutter, new paint, and gas line manifolds were unveiled as the first stage of updates made possible by a $250,000 gift by Dr. James Moller and his wife, Carol.  READ MORE / PHOTOS 


Fresno State winemaker Tom Montgomery


Respected winemaker returns to his roots
Fresno State alumnus Tom Montgomery was drawn back to campus as the newcampus winemaker to share his knowledge with viticulture and enology students from his nearly 40-year career in Napa, Sonoma and Central California. READ MORE / PHOTOS


Karen Ross and Jordan College students


State ag secretary Karen Ross keynotes annual agribusiness conference
The 36th annual Agribusiness Management Conference offered in-depth analysis of key domestic & international topics that affect the Central Valley ag industry.  READ MORE /  VIDEO /  EVENT INFO /  PHOTOS


Ag Olympics


Students go for the gold
The 'Chicken and Steak' team won a tightly-contested 'Ag Olympics' that encouraged +30 students to cheer on their classmates while competing in wheel barrow racing, hay bucking, calf roping and potato sack racing. PREVIEW VIDEO /  PHOTOS


Ag One Multicultural Ambassadors student-sponsor gathering


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