I am a current student of this Department, planning to graduate in fall 2008. The environment in the Department is competitive and looks like the environment in a workplace. Here, we work with other students as a part of course projects and have presentations in class, which really helps to demonstrate how to coordinate with other people and improve our communication skills. The faculty in the Department is supportive and is highly knowledge. The department helps students in knowing what’s going on in the industry by arranging fieldtrips. Overall, the Department has good infrastructure and helps people to excel in different fields.

Mandava M Prasad

CSU - Fresno is helping me a lot to develop my potential and abilities. I am a graduate from Indian University; there is no doubt that Indian studies are very good as compared to other countries, but the area in which it lacks is to develop the students’ abilities with visual & communication presentations. CSU – Fresno really help me out in this area. I feel elated and proud to be associated with the crest and motto of this school and to be the part this highly revered institute.

Arvind Sharma

The IT Department has helped me in realizing my potential. The diversity of coursework provided by the Department has helped me a lot in brushing up my hidden skills in various areas. The faculty at the Department are very concerned, cooperative, and always there to help you. Overall, I can say that studying at this Department makes me feel proud.

Pawandeep Randhawa

The knowledge and guidance I am gaining from the Industrial Technology Department is continually preparing me for the real world. This Department mainly focuses on group projects and presentations, which has increased my confidence levels and given me opportunities to work with students of different backgrounds. Department field trips give students practical exposure. This Department has been very supportive and has a very relaxed atmosphere.

Vishal B Reddy

The Industrial Technology Department of California State University - Fresno really brought a complete turn around in my life. The faculty of this Department are really very helpful and guided me on each and every step to complete my Masters in Industrial Technology. IT gives me global exposure to new and rapidly changing technology. IT has been a great over-all experience for me. IT has helped me gain a head start over some of challenges of being at this University. IT most definitely helped minimize my anxiety being that I am an International student from another country, and the culture is different. Everyone here helped to make me feel apart of the culture and feel right at home. The faculty and staff went above and beyond their call of duty to see to it that the foundation for a good education was laid out for me. I would absolutely recommend this department to anyone interested in Engineering or Technology.

Davinder Singh

I received my Bachelor of Science degree from the Department of Industrial Technology in December 2005, and I will receive my Master of Science degree in May 2008. The knowledge I received from the Department helped me narrow my emphasis of my major to Quality Assurance, although my emphasis when I first enrolled at Fresno State was Network Administration. The Department of Industrial Technology offers a variety of emphases to choose from. Whether a student already knows their emphasis or is still looking for the right emphasis, the Department will help them with that. The Department offers a variety of courses that pertain to technical and managerial backgrounds. I am confident that the knowledge I received from the department will assist me with my career.

Dipesh Naik

The Industrial Technology Department at Fresno State has been a great driving factor in my life. The course work provides students both technical and management skills. Communication holds the key in any field these days, and joining this Department has enabled me to enhance that skill set. IT has a wide range of lab facilities, which enables students to gain hands on experience in more diverse fields. The faculty of the Department is approachable and open to creative thinking. The wide range of knowledge coupled with excellent facilities would make this Department an obvious choice to be assured of a bright career.

Vamshi Basika

The education in Industrial Technology at California State University, Fresno prepares students technical manager positions at all organizational levels. This Department exposed me to several managerial and technical aspects of a firm in a real-world environment. The Department offers hands-on learning experiences for graduate students. I think the Department has enhanced my career prospects.

Vamshi Krishna Alampally

The Department of Industrial technology, a sibling of engineering, in California State University Fresno offers a broad range of course work focusing on the development of managerial, research and educational skills. The program provides technology-based core courses in management of new technology, materials and processes, manufacturing systems, communication concepts and visual presentations, and research methodology. The Department provides flexibility for students to select elective subjects in Technology, Engineering, Business, and Computer Science etc. The Department provides great facilities with an excellent environment for conducting research, with a recently upgraded computer lab for experiencing state-of-art information technology. This program empowers students in gaining technical expertise and research orientation with a broad range of career objectives.

Hemanth Chandra