Klaus Tenbergen, Ed.D.

Klaus TenbergenAssistant Professor
Director, Culinology ® Program

Office: FFS 304
Phone: 559-278-5068

• Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) California State University - Fresno, California, 2010.
• Masters in Science of Management (MSM) - Cardinal Stritch University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2005.
• Bachelor of Arts (BA) - Kendell College, Evanston, Illinois 2002.
• B ckermeister, Masters Degree in Bakery Management, Olpe, Germany 1987.

• Food and Culinary Science
• Quantity Food Production
• Food for Health
• ServSafe
• Seminar & Supervised Work Experience

Research Interest:
• The bacteriological study of micro-organisms belonging to a group of bacteria known as the Bacillus mesentericus and commonly spoken of as the rope bacillus.
• Latex glove and the absorption on food during usage.
• Biochemistry of sourdough - Lactic acid bacteria, particularly Lactobacillus sanfranciscensis culture used in artisan bread baking.
• Using highly expanded citrus fiber; pomegranate granulates; Merlot grape flour and other functional foods to improve the quality and nutritional properties of food.
• Flavored pasteurized sweet corn milk as alternative to energy drinks.
• Monoterpenoid phenol (carvacrol) infused wooden skewers to determine the different degrees of antimicrobial activities on pathogens.

Statement: Over the last several years I have paid attention to the individual student, to direct the individual to be successful. I expect a lot from my students, but leading them through examples is a real motivation to them, knowing that I expect from myself what I expect from them. Good teaching is valuable to society - in ways both obvious and obscure. I believe that education is important, and that effective teaching is the key to education. Students need many skills and much knowledge to succeed in today's rapidly changing world, because there is a direct correlation between students' level of education and their chances of professional and economic success in life. But education has another, less immediately visible, social value. For me it is a vehicle for creating knowledgeable, aware students who are capable of looking critically at the world in which they live and work and making informed decisions about their lives and the lives of others, beyond the subject that I teach. In the discouraging moments that I encounter from time to time, it is worth remembering that when things go well, the reward is enormous, which makes me devoted to education. We are the leaders of today; it is our responsibility to guide the leaders of tomorrow. Let's aim high and follow our dreams.