Student Employment & Internships

The Quarter Horse Unit and Student Horse Center both hire students to perform the day to day work of running the units. 

At the Quarter Horse Unit, students perform a wide range of work activities including feeding horses, loading hay and grain, cleaning stalls, dumping manure, and general facility maintenance such as weeding and raking.

The horses require additional work throughout the semester. This includes working with mares and foals, training the young horses in ground work basics, and riding older more advanced horses.

Routine health care procedures such as deworming, vaccinating, administering medications, and treating minor injuries is all part of the job description for our student employees and volunteers.

At the Student Horse Center students are hired to clean stalls and pens, and to do general clean up and maintenance around the facility.

All work is done under supervision of enterprise managers, coaches or student managers.

All students who wish to be hired for work must work as a volunteer first.  Students who wish to volunteer should meet with a faculty member or coach to learn more details.

Work, whether paid or volunteer, is usually a rewarding experience for students who enjoy being around horses and learning new things.  It is a great way to meet new people, learn more skills and gain experience.