Colt Training Classes

Two colt training classes (ASci 56 and 57) are offered through the Department of Animal Science and Agricultural Education for students majoring in Animal Science/Equine Science.

The fall semester trainers teach our horses the basics of good behavior such as leading, standing tied, being brushed, picking up feet, getting bathed and clipped, etc.  They learn how to train their horses to go in both directions at all three gaits in our round corral, how to be saddled and bridled, and how to give to bit pressure.  Some colts are sat on and ridden only very briefly by the end of the semester.  Our students learn a great deal about behavior and training methods.

Ariel and Star

In the spring semester, more serious training begins. The fall semester's horses take a refresher course on general handling and good behavior, and then move on to be saddled and eventually ridden. Lots of "pony rides" go on until the horse and rider are comfortable with one another.  From there, riding begins....slowly, cautiously, and frequently for short bouts until the horse is going around at all three gaits in the small corral, accepting cues from the rider and gaining strength, balance, and confidence.

Of course, more training goes on from here, but the training classes give students real experience with starting horses. Safety of horse and trainer is our highest priority.  All activities are supervised and follow our protocols.