Horses For Purchase

We offer horses for sale year-around, however horses that are being used in our training classes will not be sold while the semester is in progress. Please contact us to see if the horse you are interested in is available. Horses that are being used in the training classes will be available for purchase at the end of each semester, and until the next semester starts. This allows the students who are in the training classes to be able to see the progress their training is making, and to have a more fulfilled learning experience.

We like to sell horses one at a time to interested individuals who will give our horses a good home and make them useful.  It is important to us that the right horse goes home with the right person.

Some of the horses that we sell have been raised at the Quarter Horse Unit, and some have been donated.  We strive to produce horses at the Quarter Horse Unit that are gentle, sound, and people oriented.  Several of our unit bred horses have excellent bloodlines thanks to donated breedings to high-quality stallions.

The horses that have been donated are being resold to help benefit our educational program.  Occasionally we will offer broodmares or riding horses from the Equestrian team.

Only some of the horses for sale are shown here.  If you think we might have a horse for you, send us an email at

The money you spend to buy a horse goes directly to support our educational programs in Equine Science.

The sale horses presently advertised are divided by Quarter Horses - horses that are at the Fresno State Quarter Horse Unit, and Lesson Horses - horses from the Fresno State Women's Equestrian Team. Click on the links to see the horses that are for sale. 

Quarter Horses


Lesson Horses

Lesson Horses