Quarter Horses For Sale

We offer horses for sale year around; however, horses that are being used in our training classes will not be sold while the semester is in progress. Please contact us to see if the horse you are interested in is available for purchase at this time.

We like to sell horses to individuals who come to our farm and see our horses because we believe that helps prospective buyers find a horse that is best for them, and helps a horse find a good home.

Please call for additional information, pricing, or to make an appointment. We can be reached by phone at (559) 278-4017 or by email: sstilwell@csufresno.edu

We are required to charge sales tax (8.225%) on all horses sold.

The proceeds from each sale directly support the Quarter Horse Unit, our horses, and our students.

Horse Sales

Horse: Fresnos Nic Nac, "Nic Nac" - Gelding, Born April 25,2013

Pedigree:   Sire: Nic Chex         Dam: Fresnos Mystery Nic

Nic Nac for saleNic Nac for sale 2



Horse: Fresnos Queen Virginia, "Queenie" - Mare, Born April 30, 2013

Pedigree:   Sire: Fresnos Poco Badger          Dam: Miss Scarlet ODual

<photo not available yet>



Horse: FresnoRockinLikeAMaster, "Rocky" - Mare, Born March 5, 2013

Pedigree:   Sire: Master Steve         Dam: Miss Dual Angel

RockinLikeAMaster for Sale RockinLikeAMaster for Sale 2



Horse: Fresnos Poco Scarlet, "Poco" - Mare, Born April 7, 2012

Pedigree:   Sire: Fresnos Poco Badger          Dam: Miss Scarlet ODual

Poco Scarlet for SalePoco Scarlet for sale 2



Horse: Fresnos Darth Vada, "Ada" - Mare, Born March 19, 2014

Pedigree:   Sire: Gotta Go Get It          Dam: Fresnos Rosette

<photo not available yet>



Horse: Kids Sweet Chick, "Chick" - Mare, Born March 23, 2001

Pedigree:   Sire: Kids Blu Star          Dam: Sweet Stitches

Kids Sweet Chick



Horse: Reminics Peppy Star, "Star" - Mare, Born May 8, 2007

Pedigree:   Sire: Reminics Pep          Dam: Miss Bar Palace

<picture not available yet>



Horse: Fresnos Chickory, "Doc" - Gelding, Born March 1, 2001

Pedigree:   Sire: Pavo De Peppy          Dam: Doc Wapitis Chick

Fresnos Chickory



Horse: Little Miss Reminic, "Missy" - Mare, Born April 13, 1997

Pedigree:   Sire: Reminic          Dam: Miss Smart Peppy Doc

Little Miss Reminic



Horse: Miss Scarlet ODual, "Scarlet" - Mare, Born March 20, 2003

Pedigree:   Sire: Dual Jazz          Dam: Genuine Parlay

Miss Scarlet ODual



Horse: Fresnos Rosette, "Rosette" - Mare, Born June 3, 1999

Pedigree:   Sire: Pavo De Peppy          Dam: Fresnos Bar Fleurnic

Fresnos Rosette



Horse: Just Quick Filli, "Filli" - Mare, Born April 19, 1994

Pedigree:   Sire: Just Plain Colonel          Dam: Quickinic

<photo not available yet>


Horse: This Cats Sassy, "Sassy" - Mare, Born May 28, 2009

Pedigree:   Sire: WR This Cats Smart          Dam: Tel Sue

<photo not available yet>