Quarter Horses For Sale

We offer horses for sale year around, and are proud to present a quality selection of quarter horses for your consideration. We aim to find the best match possible for both our horses and our patrons. For this reason, we like to schedule one-on-one appointments for interested buyers. 

Please call or email for additional information, pricing, or to make an appointment. We can be reached at: 

Office: (please leave voicemail): (559) 278-4017

Email: adiggan@mail.fresnostate.edu


We are required to charge sales tax (7.975%) on all horses sold.

The proceeds from each sale directly support the Quarter Horse Unit, our horses, and our students. We thank you in advance for your support! 

Horse Sales


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Horse: "Edna" - Born May 2018

Pedigree: Sire: Mylanta Lena           Dam: Coolest Hot Chic (Just Plain Colonel, Smart Little Pepinic)

Edna Quarter Horse


Horse: SOLD! "Ellika" - Born May 2018

Pedigree: Sire: Once In A Blu Boon           Dam: Apple Bottom Girl (Just Plain Colonel)

Ellika Quarter Horse


Horse: FS Gotta Getcha Girl - "Diana" - Mare, Born April 2017

Pedigree:   Sire: Gotta Go Get It          Dam: Apple Bottom Girl (Just Plain Colonel)

 Diana quarter horse


Horse: FS Dun It Dahlia - "Dahlia" - Mare, Born April 2017

Pedigree:   Sire: Dun It With A Whiz          Dam: Kittyichi (Cat Ichi)

Dahlia quarter horse 


Horse: Fresnos Coolest Deal - "Daenerys" - Mare, Born March 2017

Pedigree:   Sire: Dun It Dealin          Dam: Coolest Hot Chic (Smart Little Pepinic, Just Plain Colonel)

 Daenerys quarter horse


Horse: Greys Bobbie Sox, "Bobbie" - Mare, Born April 2004

Pedigree:     Sire: Bobby Bo Badger          Dam: Pocos Greymere One

Height: 14.2 hh

 Greys Bobbie Sox


Horse: "Bart" - Gelding (est. 2009) 

Pedigree: Grade

Height: approx. 14.3 hh

Bart Quarter Horse


Horse: Impressmewithakiss - "Mona" 


Height: 15.1 hh

Mona Quarter Horse


Horse: "Gabby" - Mare, Born 2011

Pedigree: Appendix Quarter Horse, Unregistered

Height: 15.1 hh

 Gabby quarter horse


Horse: Bar HM Miss Flo, "Flo" - Mare, Born April 2006

Pedigree:   Sire: Mr Peponita Flo          Dam: Miss Hickory Dew

Height: 14.3 hh

Bar HM Miss Flo


Horse: Fresnos Poco Scarlet, "Poco" - Mare, Born 2012

NOW A BROODMARE! Please see our broodmare page for more information.

Pedigree:   Sire: Fresnos Poco Badger          Dam: Miss Scarlet ODual

Height: 15.0 hh

Fresnos Poco Scarlet


Horse: SOLD! Cruella De Belle, "Belle" - Mare, Born March 2012

Pedigree:   Sire: Before The Bell (TB)          Dam: Might Be Smoke

Height: 14.3 hh

Cruella De Belle


Horse: SOLD! FS Cats Dunna Whiz, "Camaro" - Colt, Born 2016

Pedigree:   Sire: Dun It With A Whiz          Dam: Miss Merada Cat (Cats Merada)

 FS Cats Dunna Whiz


Horse: SOLD! "Diggory" - Colt, Born May 2017

Pedigree:   Sire: Smart Little Pepinic          Dam: Miss Merada Cat

Diggory Quarter Horse