Student Activities

What do students do at the Horse Units?.....


The Students at the Quarter Horse Unit participate in many daily activities. These activities include cleaning stalls, feeding horses, loading hay on the wagon, and general maintenance of the facilities.

There are many opportunities for students at California State University, Fresno to participate in everyday activities. If you are student at Fresno State you are able to take many of the Equine classes that are offered. Look at the academic program page for more information.

Any student at Fresno State is able to volunteer at the Quarter Horse Unit. If you would like to volunteer please contact Susan in Agricultural Operations. 

Work around the farm (Quarter Horse Unit)

Loading hay...

At the Quarter Horse Unit we feed our horses alfalfa and EquiBalance. Our horses are fed twice per day, at 7:00 am and 5:00 pm. Students working at the Quarter Horse Unit are also responsible for feeding horses at the Student Horse Center. Our feeding wagon can hold 18 bales at a time! Loading hay requires a lot of physical strength from the employees and volunteers.

Tylar loading hay

Cleaning Pens...

All of the employees and volunteers clean stalls. Horses in stalls have their stalls cleaned at least twice per day, and our holding pens are cleaned immediately after use. The Quarter Horse Unit works with the other units to be as sustainable as possible, and all of our manure is taken to a compost area. The Quarter Horse Unit strives to always have a clean facility.

Kayli, Tylar on Kubota cleaning stalls

Driving tractors...

Driving tractors is a major part at the Quarter Horse Unit. We use our tractors to pull the manure wagon, the feed wagon, and help work up our arenas. Employees must be Defensive Driving and Tractor Certified before they are able to operate any of our heavy equipment. Driving tractors is fun and a valuable skill to have, but the students are always careful and cautious when operating the equipment. 

Devin on tractor


Equine Science students can participate in the two training classes offered at the Quarter Horse Unit: Beginning, and Advanced Training. In each of these classes the students are paired with a project horse to work with over the semester. Horses of all ages and experience levels are used to provide a unique learning experience for everyone involved.

Student with class horse.