Quarter Horse Unit

The Fresno State Quarter Horse Unit provides a unique opportunity for students and the general public to expand their equine knowledge. The Quarter Horse Unit is the setting for a number of Animal Science classes and internships, covering such areas as Horse Production, Advanced Horse Management, Stable Management, Equine Nutrition, and Colt Training.

Student working with their horse during class.

The classes cover breeding and selection; nutritional investigations; health and disease control; general horse handling techniques; breaking horses to halter and saddle; internship work experience and other related activities such as research projects, field days, judging contests and horse shows. As a learning facility, the Quarter Horse Unit is unparalleled. Many students graduate to full-time employment in the horse industry.

Student circling his horse during class.

The Quarter Horse Unit operates as a functional breeding and training enterprise. Please see the "Quarter Horses For Sale"  page for more information on horses available for sale. You can email or call to make an appointment to see any of our horses.

We are committed to quality education and quality Quarter Horses.

Student leading horse during lab.