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Welcome to the Fresno State FFA Field Day page.

Here, our goal is to provide access to upcoming Field Day information, contest information, results and
pictures. We pride ourselves in being one of the most transparent contest hosts, with public access to
individual contestant results.

The Field Day of today was a long evolving process, that dates back to the spring of 1949 when Fresno
State held its first Livestock judging contest. After that event Fresno State was determined to host more
events of a similar structure. Today, Fresno State hosts 3 field days throughout the year consisting of 34
contests and it has allowed over 3,000 students to apply knowledge and skills they have obtained in the
classroom to the agricultural industry. The largest contests are Floriculture and Livestock Judging.

The Fresno State FFA Field Day Committee is made up of Fresno State students, and they are honored to
put on such events for the California Association of Future Farmers. With 18 state finals that are hosted
here at Fresno State, we are excited about the potential growth in the coming years for FFA members
that will continue to impact California agriculture.

The Fresno State FFA Field Day Committee

April Field Day 

April 21, 2018 

April Field Day Program 2018

The Dairy Processing Contest is now open for registration. 

Make checks out to "Fresno State Foundation". 

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