Field Days Dedications

Year Dedicated to Occupation
1979 Mr. Duane Bennett Security Bank
1980 Mrs. Tommie Slappey Dean's Assistant Jordan College of Agriculture
1981 Mr. Phillip Weigand Security Bank
1982 Professor Edwin Rousek Animal Science Chair
1983 Jesse T. Bell Animal Science Professor
1984 Professor Ben B. From Mechanized Agriculture Professor 
1985 Dr. Harry Karle Farm Director
1986 Professor Vincent E. Petrucci Viticulture Chair
1987 Wayne E. Biehler Agronomy Professor
1988 Dr. Marinus Van Elswyk Jr. Agronomy Professor
1989 Dr. Charles M. Smallwood Dean Jordan College of Agriculture
1990 Mrs. Jonell Robinson Assistant to Farm Director
1991 Mrs. Willie Volkmann Donor from Industry
1992 Mr. James Miller University Publicist
1993 Dr. Art Parham Professor of Agriculture Education
1994 Dr. Richard Rogers Professor of Agriculture Education
1995 Dr. Allen Hewitt Professor of Pomology
199 Dr. Gary L. Ritenour Professor of Agronomy
1997 Mr. Benjamin Letizia  
1998 Mr. Bob Huevel State Director of Vocational Agriculture
1999 Dr. Carl Pherson Farm Director/ Associate Dean
2000 Dr. Mahlon Hile Professor of Vegetable Crops
2001 Mrs. Arlene Wilson Farm Staff
2002 Dr. Michael Spiess Agriculture Mechanics Professor
2003 Dr. Arthur Onley Professor of Ornamental Horticulture Professor
2004 Dr. Sayed Badr Professor of Horticulture
2005 No Dedication  
2006 Mrs. Marlene Miyasaki Plant Science Department Assistant
2007 Mr. Ken Heupel Agriculture Mechanics Lecturer
2008 Dr. Rosco Vaughn and Mrs. Susan Vaughn Agriculture Education Professor and Staff
2009 Dr. Charles Krauter Soils Professor
2010 Dr. Randy Perry and Mr. John Cordeiro Professors of Animal Science
2011 Dr. Anne Rodiek Equine Professor
2012 Mr. Ken Harris Regional Supervisor/ State Staff
2013 Dr. Bruce Roberts Agronomy Professor
2014 Dr. Jon Robison Dairy Science Professor
2015 Dr. Steven J. Rocca   Professor of Agricultural Education 
2016 Dr. John Henson Meat Science Professor
2017 Mr. Charles Parker San Joaquin Regional Supervisor
2018 Mr. Don Vasconcellos Plant Science Professor