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Agriculture Water Energy Center

Irrigation Tech Seminars

Fall-Winter 2013 Seminars

The Center for Irrigation Technology (CIT) coordinates the Irrigation Tech Seminar Series. These seminars match leading experts with timely topics facing California farmers. Partners for the upcoming series of seminars include the California Department of Food and Agriculture, the Department of Water Resources and Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

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October 1

Dairy Workshop – PG&E

Tulare – SCE AgTAC

October 16

APEP Municipal Workshop

Placer County Water Agency

October 24

Water Use Efficiency – Stone Fruit-Soil Sensors


October 29

FREP Annual Conference-Fertigation


November 1

Fertigation-focus   almonds/raisins
  Punjabi translation available

Selma-Simon Sihota Farm

November 7

  Spanish translation available

Bakersfield Agricultural Pavilion

November 21

Water Use Efficiency for Pistachios

Fresno State - CIT AgWEC

December 4
  9am – 12pm


December 4
  1pm – 2pm

Water Use Efficiency on Grapes


Groundwater Pumping Issues on Grapes

Fresno State - CIT AgWEC

December 10


Santa Maria

December 12

Pump Efficiency

Fresno State - CIT AgWEC

December 17
    9am – 4pm

DWR-Drought Preparedness

Fresno State - Alice Peters Auditorium

 These FREE seminars run from 9:00 am until noon (unless otherwise noted).

For more information or to register for a seminar, go to the Calendar at or call (800) 845-6038.

Contact Bill Green ( or Kaomine Vang ( for additional information.


Previous Irrigation Tech Sminears

Water Use Efficiency for Almonds
July 23, 2013 CIT - Fresno State Farm 
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Fertigation for South East Asian 
July 11, 2013   CIT - Fresno State
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AirJection Technology     
June 6, 2013   
CIT - Fresno State
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Water Use Efficiency on the Farm Cherta Farms
May 22, 2013
Cherta Farms Del Ray Ca
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WATERIGHT for Specialty Crops 
May 23, 2013 - Fresno State Ag Science Building Rm 101
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Thursday, May 16, 2013 
The Center For Irrigation Technology
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Water Use Efficiency: Pumps and Irrigation Scheduling
Thursday, April 8, 2013
Selma, Ca 
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