Qualifying Exam

Who Needs to Take It?

  • Pre‐CFS majors need to pass the exam in order become a Child Development or Family Science major. Core major classes are only open to majors, not pre-majors.Therefore, pre‐majors should take the exam after taking CFS 31, 39, and 153.
  • Students who are already in the Child Development or Family Science major need to pass the Qualifying exam before getting a grade for a capstone class (CFS 139, 193, or 145b). Therefore, majors should take the exam anytime after completing CFS 31, 39 and 153, and before finishing the capstone class.

What’s On the Exam?

  • Child Development (CFS 39): Genetics, Pregnancy/Birth, Infancy, Early Childhood, Middle Childhood, Adolescence
  • Family Science (CFS 31): Intimate Relationships, Parenting, Family Law and Policy (Some students are exempt from this section because CFS 31 was not a required class for them.)
  • Research (CFS/PSYCH 153): Science versus Non‐Science, Data Collection Methods, Study Design 

How to Sign Up?

  • Exam is available the second week in September, the last week in November, the second week in February, and the last week in April. A specific date will be assigned to you based on what version of the exam you need.
  • Application due to department office (FFS 111) at least one week before the scheduled exam

Application and Preparation