Campus Children’s Center 


California State University, Fresno has the largest Child Development baccalaureate program in the Central Valley, preparing professionals to work in many capacities with children and families.

Child development laboratory experience is a critical component of professional preparation and supports our academic mission. The Campus Children’s Center is our on-campus child development laboratory. The goals of the Campus Children’s Center program are to:

  • prepare professionals to work with young children and families;
  • demonstrate best practice that is replicable in Central Valley programs;
  • contribute to knowledge in the field through evidence-based and innovative practices;
  • promote children’s mental health by attending to their emotional needs, as well as their physical, intellectual, and social needs;
  • promote and support healthy parent-child relationships; and
  • increase retention of early care and education professionals by supporting their well-being and educational needs.

Campus Children’s Center (CCC) is the oldest child care program at Fresno State, dating back to 1973. It had its genesis in the original child study center of the Child, Family and Consumer Sciences Department begun in the 1960s. Campus Children’s Center is located in two sites: a preschool program in the Family and Food Sciences Building, and an infant-toddler program located in the Home Management House in the student residence section of the campus. The two sites serve all Fresno State students who need child care in order to complete their education.

Child and Family Sciences Laboratory 
In Spring 2008, the CFCS department completed the Child and Family Sciences Laboratory. It is primarily an observation lab containing an experimental area, an observation room with audio-visual recording equipment and a waiting room. The lab is also used for other research activities such as small focus-groups, interviews, and psycho-education intervention or prevention based groups.