Who We Are

Our Priorities

The Center for Agricultural Business (CAB) supports the continued growth and development of California agriculture. Based at California State University, Fresno, we offer resources, economic information and expertise to help address the issues facing production agriculture and related agribusiness industries. Our efforts are centered in three major areas:

  • Conducting economic studies and assembling information which will benefit growers, processors, exporters and others in agricultural production and trade.
  • Providing continuing education programs and training in labor and human resource management.
  • Promoting application of electronic technology through partnership with the Advanced Technology Information Network (ATI-Net), a computer-based information system for agricultural users.

Areas of Expertise

CAB activities address all major components of agriculture and agribusiness, including production agriculture, processing, distributing and marketing, management, and policy-making. Research and training efforts focus on these specific issues:

  • International trade and export marketing
  • Water and energy management
  • Farm labor and personnel management
  • Agricultural safety education and training
  • Farm labor research
  • Farm management and accounting methods
  • Computer applications in agribusiness
  • New agribusiness opportunities

Our Resources

CAB works closely with faculty from the Department of Agricultural Economics to conduct many of its activities. The faculty's diverse background of expertise and industry contact enables them to successfully support research and training programs. CAB conferences and workshops are typically co-sponsored by at least one industry organization, and instructors are often from industry or are professional trainers.

How We Can Help

CAB has become nationally known for its applied research and educational information programs for agricultural business. We sponsor training sessions, workshops and forums designed specifically for the agricultural community. For more information on CAB, contact:

Center for Agricultural Business
California State University Fresno
2910 E Barstow Ave.
Fresno, CA 93740-0115

Phone: (559) 278-4405
Fax: (559) 278-6032