1 Ag Ambassadors

Ag Ambassadors

Ambassadors represent the Jordan College of Agricultural Science and Technology at various functions, serve to recruit students to Fresno State, the College (JCAST), and provide information to students currently attending Fresno State. Ag Ambassadors focus on communicating the benefits and importance of getting a college education to high school and community college students, and visitors to the campus. For more information please contact Dr. Steve Rocca, JCAST Outreach Coordinator, at (559)278-5088 or email at Check out the web page at or check them out on facebook.

Alpha Gamma Rho

Alpha Gamma Rho is a social-professional fraternity that is truly unique when compared to other fraternities at California State University, Fresno. Every member has an agricultural major or background. Most fraternities focus on the social aspects of the students' lives, but Alpha Gamma Rho deals with both social and professional issues, putting it in a class by itself. There are over 41,000 active members and alumni from 62 different colleges across the nation. The purpose of Alpha Gamma Rho is to make better men. One way of accomplishing this is by encouraging scholarship among its members. Please feel free to stop by and see what Alpha Gamma Rho has to offer you. If you have any questions, call the house at (559) 226-9519, and ask for the recruitment chairman, or stop by the house for a tour.

Bulldoggers Rodeo Club

The Bulldoggers Rodeo Club is open to students from all majors and of all abilities who have an interest in the sport of rodeo. The club provides an opportunity for students to join the Rodeo Team, which is a member of the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association. The club sponsors an annual intercollegiate rodeo, as well as social activities and fund-raising events. For more information please contact Dr. Art Parham at (559) 278-2971.  Like them on facebook.

Dairy Club

This club offers students from all who are interested in the dairy industry, the opportunity to meet for educational activities and dairy shows, and sales that promote the dairy industry. For more information please contact Dr. Jon Robison at (559) 278-2873.

Equine Science Association

The Equine Science Association offers opportunities for educational activities, applied research projects, hands-on experience and other horse related activities.  For more information, please contact Dr. Anne Rodiek at (559) 278-5623 or  Visit the website at or follow us on Facebook.

Experience and Employment

The Department of Animal Sciences and Agricultural Education has experience and employment opportunities available to students at the Beef, Dairy, Horse, Poultry, Sheep and Swine units as well as the Meats Lab and the San Joaquin Experimental Rand near Coarsegold, California (beef cattle).  The department also regularly hires students to guide Farm Tours provided to elementary school children.  For more information, students should contact the enterprise manager in charge of the unit of interest or the Department office regarding Farm Tour applications.

FFA Field Day and FFA State Conference Committee

These groups offer students the opportunity to acquire the skills necessary for the organization and production of the FFA Field Days/State Finals Contests and Conference through those hosted by the CSUF. For more information please contact Dr. Art Parham at (559) 278-2971.

Judging Teams Available

Livestock and Meats Judging Teams represent the University, the College and the Department at competitions in Colorado, Texas, North Dakota, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Oregon, Idaho, Nebraska, and competitions within the state of California. For more information on these teams, please contact the Department Office at (559) 278-2971.

Meat Science Club

The meat science club caters events and works to apply the techniques learned through the meat science program. The income supports the meat judging team and the livestock meat evaluation team. Contact Dr. John Henson at (559) 278-3921.

Poultry Science Society

The Poultry Science Society invites students from all majors who are interested in poultry and wish to promote and/or learn more about the poultry industry.  The new Foster Farms research facility is scheduled to open in Spring 2013.  For more information, please contact Mrs. Michelle Ganci at (559) 307-2563 or email at Follow them on facebook.
Pre Veterinary Association

Provides students with the assistance necessary to apply to various accredited veterinary programs in the US and abroad.  The club also provide members with opportunities to meet with local veterinarians, other industry professionals and fund raising events which provide hands-on experience. For more information please contact the department at (559) 278-2971.  See what they're doing next on facebook.
Red Wave Show and Sale

The Red Wave Classic is a livestock show and sale sponsored by the Department of Animal Sciences and Agricultural Education in cooperation with Farmers Best Feed. For more information please contact Dr. Randy Perry at (559) 278-4793 or follow this link to their page 
Student Executive Council

The Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences & Technology Student Executive Council (SEC) is a joint council comprised of one representative from each of the student clubs and organizations within the Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology (JCAST) at Fresno State. Members of the SEC include elected officers, the Associated Students Incorporated (ASI) Senator from JCAST, and a faculty advisor representing the Office of the Dean.  For more information on the SEC, please contact the Office of the Dean of the Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology at (559) 278-2061.

Women's Equestrian Team

The Equestrian team is a Varsity NCAA Women's sport offering varsity athlete status to women practicing and competing for Fresno State. Scheduled and supervised team practice, strength and conditioning, training, academic services, priority registration and other benefits for athletes are provided by the Athletics Department. Athletes ride their own or lesson horses. The team competes with other universities at home and away in the NCAA Division I. For more information please contact the head coach at (559) 278-8385 or follow this link or follow them on facebook.

Young Cattlemen's

This group offers students from all majors who are interested in the beef cattle industry an opportunity to work with the California Cattlemen's Association in promoting the industry and to educate the community about the issues facing the beef cattle industry. For more information please contact Dr. Randy Perry at (559) 278-4793.